Payment Terms

Payment Terms

Do you accept personal checks?

Transportation fees must be paid with a credit card or certified funds prior to delivery. We do not accept personal checks.

Do you collect a deposit when shipping a car?

We do not require a deposit when placing an order to ship a car. We do however ask to validate your credit card upon order placement, confirming a valid number and expiration date. This practice is different from placing a hold on your credit card, we do not make a charge until your vehicle is picked up and on its way. We found this method to be convenient and secure for our customers and practical, making the whole transaction smoother.

Can I pay for my car on delivery?

Our policy is for drivers to not handle payments, whether it be cash, checks or credit cards. We charge the entire shipping amount to your credit card upon the confirmation that the vehicle has been picked up and is en route. If transporting multiple vehicles, shipping through a corporate relocation account or for businesses (auctions, dealers, etc.) we can setup an invoice billing method for qualifying companies upon credit approval.

Shipping Cancellation Policy

We believe in giving customers the most flexibility when shipping their cars.  That means customers will not be charged a cancellation fee if their plans change, and they decide to go with other options or reschedule for a later date. However, if a driver has already been scheduled to pick up a vehicle we require that the customers notify us of changes 24-hours prior to their scheduled pickup date to avoid a dry-run fee of $100. If a vehicle has already been picked up and the customer chooses to have their vehicle returned a cancellation fee will be charged depending...

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