Can you ship a non-running vehicle?

Yes, we can ship cars that are not operational depending on the condition that the vehicle is in. Most cars must be able to at least roll for us to get them onto the car hauler. Learn more about shipping non-running vehicles here.

Advance notice required for auto shipping?

We recommend placing an order at least 1-week prior to your desired shipping date to secure a spot on a car hauler. During peak shipping seasons, holidays or when shipping in a less traveled lane we recommend a longer notice, especially if your departure and arrival dates are not flexible. We can accommodate rush shipments please speak to our representatives for your specific scheduling needs.

How are vehicles shipped?

Car haulers are used to transport vehicles. There are many different types of transport trucks depending on distance travelled and number of vehicles being shipped. There are open and enclosed car haulers, enclosed transport generally offers better protection for the vehicles but comes at a higher price and transit time. Learn more about car hauling equipment.

How Long Does Car Shipping Take?

Depending on the distance, time of year, origin and destination it may take over 10 days to deliver certain cars. Regional and shorter trips can sometimes be done as fast as the next day. Many factors determine transit time, read more to get a better assessment. We strive to be meet your accommodations, call to discuss your specific shipment.

What information is required to ship a car?

Provide us with a working phone number and an email so that you can be easily reached throughout the shipping process, we recommend an alternate contact info such as your work number or an authorized representative, especially when relocating. We need a Year/Make/Model as well VIN# for every vehicle we ship and an appropriate authorization from the vehicle’s owner. We also advise to double check your contract that we have the correct pick up and delivery address on file.

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