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Personal Vehicles

Is shipping my vehicle safe?

Shipping cars on car haulers is both safe and convenient. Less than 1% of all transports result in a claim and major incident are very infrequent. At the time of getting a price quote we included insurance, but it is important to understand car shipping insurance limitations. In an unlikely case that your vehicle is damaged during transit we are ready to provide you assistance to get any issue resolved quickly. We will deal with the insurance companies and the adjuster. In our carrier selection we only work with auto transporters that have cargo insurance with reasonable deductibles.

Advance notice required for auto shipping?

We recommend placing an order at least 1-week prior to your desired shipping date to secure a spot on a car hauler. During peak shipping seasons, holidays or when shipping in a less traveled lane we recommend a longer notice, especially if your departure and arrival dates are not flexible. We can accommodate rush shipments please speak to our representatives for your specific scheduling needs.

What information is required to ship a car?

Provide us with a working phone number and an email so that you can be easily reached throughout the shipping process, we recommend an alternate contact info such as your work number or an authorized representative, especially when relocating. We need a Year/Make/Model as well VIN# for every vehicle we ship and an appropriate authorization from the vehicle’s owner. We also advise to double check your contract that we have the correct pick up and delivery address on file.

Shipping personal items in the car

Most auto hauling companies prohibit the inclusion of personal items in vehicles being shipped. This is for three very good reasons: License & Insurance – It is against FMCSA regulations for carriers to transport personal possessions within a vehicle. Carriers risk fines for transporting any personal possessions. In addition, the carrier’s insurance typically does not cover the loss or damage of personal possessions included in a vehicle being shipped. Weight – Auto haulers have strict limits on the weight of loaded trucks and trailers. Additional, unanticipated weight of personal items could cause carriers to be overweight. In this situation, the carrier has...

Shipping Cancellation Policy

We believe in giving customers the most flexibility when shipping their cars.  That means customers will not be charged a cancellation fee if their plans change, and they decide to go with other options or reschedule for a later date. However, if a driver has already been scheduled to pick up a vehicle we require that the customers notify us of changes 24-hours prior to their scheduled pickup date to avoid a dry-run fee of $100. If a vehicle has already been picked up and the customer chooses to have their vehicle returned a cancellation fee will be charged depending...

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