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Insurance & Claims

Insurance & Claims

Is shipping my vehicle safe?

Shipping cars on car haulers is both safe and convenient. Less than 1% of all transports result in a claim and major incident are very infrequent. At the time of getting a price quote we included insurance, but it is important to understand car shipping insurance limitations. In an unlikely case that your vehicle is damaged during transit we are ready to provide you assistance to get any issue resolved quickly. We will deal with the insurance companies and the adjuster. In our carrier selection we only work with auto transporters that have cargo insurance with reasonable deductibles.

Is my car fully insured in transport?

No, every insurance policy has limitation on what they will and won’t cover. Because we work with so many different trucking companies the quality of those policies can vary accordingly. Most common exclusions are rock chips, road hazards, glass damage and weather related damages. Shipping your vehicle enclosed, while more expensive does provide more comprehensive coverage with different limitations. We carry additional contingent cargo insurance, theft and error & omissions insurance to protect our customers, we also cover the deductible in case of a claim. To learn more about our insurance coverage click here. It is our recommendation to maintain your own...

How do I file a damage claim?

Upon delivery if you discover that your vehicle has been damaged in transit, the first step is to point it out to the driver and note it on the inspection report (Bill-of-Lading). Take pictures of the damage and notify us (the broker) as soon as possible. We will compare the driver’s inspection report on pickup with the one on delivery and process the claim if valid. Depending on the severity and expense of the damage we will take appropriate means to settle the claim quickly. For larger claims we will initiate a claim with the carrier’s insurance company and an...

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