Auto Auctions Logistics

Fast, Affordable & Always Reliable Car Shipping, Transport Cars from Auto Auctions in Record Time

We understand car dealers’ priorities when you’re purchasing from wholesale auto auctions, and at RCG we have almost two decades of working with dealerships and auctions such as Manheim, Adesa, Copart, and IAAI.

Work with a company that understands the auction business and specializes in full-service automotive logistics. We can provide a fully customized solution to meet your needs and competitive pricing.   

  • Contract Rates for Large Volume Buyers
  • 35,000+ Approved Carriers
  • Client Portal with GPS Tracking
  • Photos and Detailed Inspection Reports
  • Guaranteed Delivery Dates

Why Choose RCG Logistics

Our logistics experts go beyond arranging car transportation, we provide logistic solutions that increase your profitability with our guaranteed SLAs, reduced claims & latest software to manage vehicle shipping.



RCG is the first company to build a 2-way integration with AutoIMS and has a full in-house, U.S. based development team to quickly build and enhance APIs for our client’s customer portals. Minimizing disruptions to your operations.



We go beyond car shipping by offering transparent and real-time order status capabilities and web updates on each assignment request. Allowing our customers to review, report and manage assets.



Our staff of more than 125 logistics experts, combined with our network of carriers, guarantee us to be one of the fastest, most detail-focused, and efficient companies in the industry. We worked hard to be consistent and transparent in our communication and meet estimated delivery times..

Experience the RCG Assurance

Transport from Auction Check List

To transport a car from auction you will need:

  • Gate Pass: Document required to pick up a car at Manheim after-hours from the guard shack
  • Buyer #: Required for both IAAI & Copart
  • Stock/Lot #: Inventory number for the vehicle being picked up
  • VIN #: The full 17 digits or at the last 6 is required for verification

Handling inspections and damages:

  • Prior to Pickup: Upon request the driver can perform a visual inspection for specific items.
  • During Transport: Damaged vehicles can be covered and loose parts tied.
  • Stock/Lot #: Inventory number for the vehicle being picked up.
  • On Delivery: To unload a non-running vehicle make arrangements for a fork lift or tow-truck.

Semi Truck stopped at gate