Fleet Vehicle Logistics

Delivering a large fleet of vehicles, coast-to-coast, can be challenging if you have an unreliable partner who isn’t experienced or up to the task.

RCG Logistics has almost two decades of experience in mobilizing a growing network of over 35,000 fully vetted and insured carriers across the country that can transport one car or hundreds with the same precision and reliability. We can provide direct delivery from port to a dealership, to auction, and anywhere in between.

If you want to save time and headaches, contact us and our experienced Logistic Experts will be able to provide you with a customized solution to meet your needs.  

Guaranteed Delivery Schedule

RCG Auto understands dealership, fleet delivery and auctions have a schedule to follow, and we guarantee your vehicle being delivered before or on the desired date.

Single or Multiple Loads

We have the capacity to ship single or multiple cars at a time. Contact us for a shipping quote as prices vary with multiple units and will result in a discounted rate. Location plays a huge role, like being located next to a major highway, which will further lower your price.

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Why Choose RCG Logistics

High Volume Transport

High Volume Transport

RCG dispatchers are trained to perfecting shipments of full and partial truckloads to and from dealerships. We are specialized in shipping multiple units responsibly and efficiently. We are happy to sync with a dealership’s accounting system for easier VIN tracking and billing.

Expedited Scheduling

Expedited Scheduling

We assist a dealer’s fluctuating pick-up and delivery schedule and prioritize shipping to expedite their demands. Long distance vehicle is available to provide up-to date transit information.

Claim Management

Claim Management

Should you expect any delays or suffer transport damages to a vehicle, we are committed to resolving every issue to the very end. We coordinate with insurance companies and offer resolutions to meet a your expectations.

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