Enclosed Car Shipping

Premium alternative to conventional car shipping services.

When looking to transport your vintage vehicle or a sports car in showroom condition enclosed is the best way to go. Enclosed car trailers are custom made to accommodate vehicles with low ground clearance with the use of hydraulic lift gates. Furthermore, shipping enclosed dramatically decreases the likelihood of your car being damaged in transit as it will not be exposed to unexpected hazards at any point of the shipment.

If you’re ready or just looking for how much enclosed car shipping could cost you, please start with a quote now.

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Enclosed Car shipping

What is an Enclosed Car Transport?

Enclosed car transport is a transportation service option that provides additional protection for your vehicle as it moves towards its destination. Although open car transport is by far the most popular option, it leaves your vehicle exposed to dirt, debris, and the weather.

If you want to protect a classic car or a vehicle with sentimental value, enclosed auto transport is the best option for you.Get an enclosed auto transport quote and get the VIP treatment on your next move.

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Our partner carriers have been vetted for quality and excellence. We only provide quotes from auto shipping agents that can deliver a five-star service every time.

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You will receive regular updates from your shipping carrier on where your vehicle is. This is the closest thing to a direct connection you have. Our support team is always available to track down the precise location of your car.

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Flexible Secure Solutions

Enclosed vehicle transportation have flexible options such as two-tier, soft and hard sides and hydraulic gates to safely move vehicles with low ground clearance.

Enclosed Transport Features

There are several distinct advantages to upping your budget and paying for this added-value service.

Enclosed Car Transport:
Facts that Affect Cost

We take pride in knowing that we provide highly competitive prices on all our enclosed car transportation options. Our partner carriers actively compete for your business, so you know that with RCG Auto Logistics, you are getting the best possible price.

It will always cost more for enclosed vehicle transportation. The nature of these transports means the average enclosed car carrier will only move seven vehicles at any one time.

On average, enclosed car shipping can cost 30-40% more than open auto transport.

Hard-side vs Soft-side Enclosed

If given a choice always choose hard-side. While soft-side is a better alternative to open car haulers it will not provide all of the benefits of a fully enclosed trailer. In addition, soft-side enclosed trailers are usually a bit cheaper to book but are not always equipped with a lift gate and do not protect from dust and frost.

Cost to Ship Enclosed

Enclosed auto carriers are limited in space & can only carry between 2 – 7 vehicles. In addition the specialized equipment is more expensive to obtain and service. Ensuring the extra protection to your vehicle requires more experienced drivers & will always cost more. On average enclosed rates are about 40% more expensive than traditional auto transport. Enclosed shipping is recommended for transporting classics, ultra-luxury or custom show cars.

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Why Choose RCG Logistics?

Why should you ship with RCG instead of any other auto transport provider? We specialize in logistics, not just shipping. Our team believes in making the messy simple. Our experts can walk you through the shipping process from start to finish.

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We’ve been in shipping vehicles since 2005, and we’ve learned a lot since then. Our network has grown to include more than 35,000 carriers to serve you better.

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We use cutting-edge apps, eBOLs and GPS to make our processes efficient and reliable. Our instant quote calculator helps you see the cost to ship your car instantly and accurately.

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Our reputation is our most important asset. Our high ratings reflect that, and we work hard to keep it that way.

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Claims Management

Dealing with insurance companies is often complicated. In case of an accident or damage, we will make sure you get a fair settlement.

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Our real-time truck tracking makes scheduling easier. You can even follow your vehicle as it is shipped cross-country.

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We have the best insurance in the business to keep your assets safe. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is protected from pickup to drop off.

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At RCG Auto, we take car shipping personally. This company was started by people who love cars. That’s all the more reason to trust us to take care of yours.

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