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Shipping that Fits
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Why RCG is the Best Car Shipping Company?

Car Shipping You can Count on

Car Shipping You can Count on

At our core, we value honesty, innovation, and dependability above all else. It’s these three pillars that make us an ever-dependable shipping partner, boasting an exceptional 99% success ratio.

Easy, Convenient, and Manageable

Easy, Convenient, and Manageable: Shipping Made Simple

Gone are the days of complicated shipping processes. With us, you can get car shipping quotes online and manage your orders with ease from the comfort of your own fingertips. Not just that, we also keep you informed and updated every step of the way, with minimal delivery lead time.

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From Coast to Coast: Shipping Anywhere in the US

We take delight in our customers’ satisfaction, which is why we offer shipping services that aren’t limited to a few states or regions of the country. No matter where you want to ship in the US, we’ve got you covered.


Streamlined for Success

With over 1000 cars transported every day and countless positive car shipping reviews, we take great pride in delivering all shipments within our clients’ budgets while ensuring the utmost safety during transportation

trusted shipping

Reliable Vendors, Trusted Shipping

Shipping a car can be a nerve-wracking experience, but not with us. Our RCG-approved vendor network is the safest and most reliable in the business, with over 35,000 transporters spread across the country.

empowerde to deliver

Empowered to Deliver

Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we empower our expert teams to deliver your shipments on time, every time.

Innovative Shipping Solutions

Innovative Shipping Solutions

At our core, we believe in constant advancement in technology. Since our inception, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation, making it possible for you to place, track, and manage your orders online with ease.

24/7 Shipment Support

24/7 Shipment Support

Have a question or concern regarding your shipment? Our customer support team is available around the clock to provide you with the support you need. With us, you’re never alone.

How Do We Ship Your Car?


Booking the Shipment

Booking your shipment shouldn’t be a headache. With RCG, it’s a breeze. Once you’ve received your quote and confirmed your dates, signing a contract to initiate transport is quick and easy. Plus, you only pay your deposit post-loading your car!


Loading Your Car

At RCG, we know that loading your car can be a daunting task. But fear not! Upon receiving your confirmation, our team will swiftly and safely load your car onto a carrier – be it a trailer or a flatbed truck – ready for transport to your desired destination


Shipping To the Destination

From bustling city centres to remote rural areas, where you ship your car matters. Shipping to urban areas can save you time and money, as these locations are typically more easily accessible. However, shipping to remote or rural areas can be significantly longer due to limited access.


Delivering Your Car

When your car arrives, don’t just take our word for it – inspect it yourself! Snap some photos to document its condition and contents, and we’ll take care of the rest. Trust us to deliver your car in its original condition – every time.

How Much Does it Cost to
Ship Your Car?

There are four major factors that decide the cost of shipping a car.

distance 1


The farther your car has to travel, the more time, fuel, and resources we will need.

car 1

Time of Year

The type of transport – enclosed options may offer extra protection, but at a higher cost due to lengthier preparation processes.

big-truck 1

Type of Transport

The type of transport – enclosed options may offer extra protection, but at a higher cost due to lengthier preparation processes.

location 1

Pick-Up and Delivery Locations

Shipping to urban areas can save car shipping costs and money, while rural areas may cost more due to limited access.

Transportation Times

OriginationDestinationEstimated Time
West CoastEast Coast7-14 Days
MidwestEither Coast5-10 Days
New YorkFlorida5-7 Days
CaliforniaTexas7-10 Days
IllinoisCalifornia5-8 Days
TexasNew York7-10 Days
ColoradoCalifornia3-6 Days

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Car Shipping Services

One, two, three, or a fleet. Shipping cars, as per your needs

We ship everything. Find the auto shipping service that fits your requirements.

Open Car Transport
Door to Door Auto Transport

From your doorstep to the destination, we take care of everything in between. With our easy online process, you can ship your car hassle-free and stay updated throughout the transportation process.

Multiple Car Shipping

Don’t risk damaging your vehicles with the wrong car shipping companies. Choose us, the experts with a stunning 99% success rate in transporting multiple cars together, and save yourself time, money, and headaches.

High-end sports car being loaded onto an enclosed trailer
Enclosed Auto Transport

Be it vintage or low-riding cars, enclosed shipping is the way to go for every range of cars. Perfect for rainy or winter seasons, it’s the go-to solution for those who want their precious vehicles protected during transportation.

non-running car shipping
Non-Running Car Shipping

Got a car that won’t start or roll? No problem! We’ll take care of it with the same level of care we give to all our other vehicles. Trust us to transport your inoperable car to any corner of the country without any hassle.

Auction vehicle shipping
Auction Vehicle Shipping

Scored a great deal on an auction site but not sure how to get your car home? Let us help! We’ll ship your newly acquired vehicle straight from the auction to your door, on time and within budget.

Group of fleet vehicles
Fleet Management

Your fleet is valuable, so leave the management to us. We’ll handle the transportation of multiple vehicles with ease and efficiency, ensuring timely delivery and complete satisfaction.

Top-Rated Auto Transporter:

Common Car Shipping Questions

RCG is unique in the auto industry because we offer full logistics based on a range of factors. Our highly detailed approach to determining transport costs ensures our clients get the best shipping prices possible

How Long Does Shipping a Car Take?

Depending on the distance, weather, time of year, origin and destination it may take over 10 days to deliver cars nationwide. For every 400 miles – add 1 extra day of transit time. Regional and short trips can be done as fast as the next day. Reach out to discuss your specific shipment details.

Does Vehicle Type Matter When Shipping?

SUVs and trucks take up more space and new electric cars weight more; a car hauler that can ship up to 10 traditional sedans, will be limited to only 6 SUVs for example because car haulers are regulated by DOT on maximum height clearances & weight distribution per axle. Modified vehicles are more difficult to transport if they are lifted, fitted with oversized tires or lowered; which may require specialize equipment.

Is Shipping a Car a Good Idea?

Shipping a car by truck is safe and practical option when moving 100s of miles or buying a new car. Having shipped thousands of cars for people, the convenience of not having to drive multiple cars, opportunity cost, reducing wear and tear on the vehicle or not having to buy flights are all significant factors when deciding.

Can I Pack Personal Items When Shipping a Car?

The general acceptable limit of personal items or “stuff” when shipping a car is 100 lbs. However, personal items are not covered by insurance and such you should be prudent on when including those belongings.

How Do I Ship a Car?

Once you select a transport company and get a quote to move your car, you will sign a contract and agree on a schedule for pick-up and delivery. Dispatchers will coordinate with the assigned driver and assign appropriate equipment.

How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping

Performing basic maintenance on a car is a good idea to ensure it doesn’t become inoperable during the trip; charged battery, fresh fuel and functional brakes are all advised in additional to cleaning the car to allow the driver to make a proper inspection.

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