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Easy-to-use car shipping calculator to instantly get the cost to ship a car nationwide. With AI analytics we assess market conditions to get you the most accurate & cheap car shipping quotes online.

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We don’t just move cars across the country; we handle all your logistical needs. Unlike other companies, we are transport and logistics experts.

The process of shipping your vehicle couldn’t be easier. Follow these steps to secure a car transportation quote and begin the shipping process.

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Step 1

Get an instant car shipping quote through our shipping calculator. Just tell us about your vehicle, condition, location, and where you need it to be.

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Step 2

Our customer service agent will contact you after you get a car shipping quote to verify. You’ll be able to discuss your specific needs and confirm the necessary details of your move.

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Step 3

We will then schedule the carrier that best suits your schedule and equipment needs. Then just wait for your professional car shipper to pick up your vehicle.

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Step 4

Let us and your carrier handle all the work. You’ll receive regular updates on where your shipment is and when you can expect it to arrive at its destination.

Car Shipping Quotes:

Facts that Affect Price

No single-vehicle shipping project is the same. Everyone has different needs and requirements. We offer the most competitive and free car shipping quote calculator by taking into account numerous factors.

Here’s what you need to know about the factors that influence auto shipping quotes.

Longer routes yield lower rates per mile but a higher overall car shipping estimate.

Metropolitan pickups and deliveries are cheaper
due to the wider availability of transport trucks.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

It costs between $500 to $1500 to ship a typical car in the United States, with longer distances costs increase, as well as the size of the vehicle being shipped.

What is a car shipping calculator?

A car shipping calculator generates an automated price estimate to transport a car from point A to point B. Because the market for shipping prices is volatile, changing with seasonal demand, fuel costs, capacity, and weather – our calculator uses ingests many data sources and runs sophisticated algorithms to make an extremely accurate and instant car shipping estimate.

Make and Model
Larger vehicles take up more truck space. Therefore, they will come with a higher auto transportation quote.

Vehicle Condition
Inoperable vehicles require additional time, equipment, and labor to load and unload.

Is it cheaper to ship or drive a car?

Shipping a car is more expensive than just driving the vehicle outright. However, the overall value of shipping a car may be greater than your once opportunity cost, time, convenience, and wear & tear on the vehicle are considered.

Different service options will yield a more expensive shipping cost. Extra shipping services could include expedited pickup/delivery and enclosed auto transport.

Costs are tied to supply and demand and available drivers. Car transport in the fall tends to carry a higher rate on north-south routes due to snowbirds relocating for the winter.

What is a Car Shipping Estimate?

A car shipping estimate is a quick way to obtain a price point to ship a vehicle; when evaluating multiple transportation providers or when shopping for a vehicle – with a variety of different destinations. Because every vehicle move is unique, once an estimate is reviewed by a trained specialist – a written car shipping quote is generated.

Is the Car Shipping Quote Guaranteed?

We go to great lengths to ensure our instant car shipping price calculator is accurate. Once your estimate is generated, you will be contacted by a representative who will go over your transit details and provide a written contract with a guaranteed price quote that will not change.

The key to keeping your shipping costs down is flexibility. The more flexible you are on dates, the type of service, and exact pickup locations, the lower your overall auto shipping quotes.

Our Services

For most people, shipping a vehicle can be intimidating. You want the lowest online car shipping quote and the best possible service.

At RCG Auto Logistics, we make a potentially messy process easy. If you’re searching for competitive auto shipping quotes, here are just some of the auto transport services we offer.

Reasons to Ship with RCG

Why should you ship with RCG instead of any other auto transport provider?

We specialize in logistics, not just shipping. Our team believes in making the messy simple. Our experts can walk you through the shipping process from start to finish.

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Time in Business

We’ve been in shipping vehicles since 2005, and we’ve learned a lot since then. Our network has grown to include more than 35,000 carriers to serve you better.

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Shipping Technology

We use cutting-edge apps, eBOLs, and GPS to make our processes efficient and reliable. Our instant quote calculator helps you see the cost to ship your car instantly and accurately.

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Transport Ratings

Our reputation is our most important asset. Our high ratings reflect that, and we work hard to keep it that way.

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Claims Management

Dealing with insurance companies is often complicated. In case of an accident or damage, we will make sure you get a fair settlement.

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Order Tracking

Our real-time truck tracking makes scheduling easier. You can even follow your vehicle as it is shipped cross-country.

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Insured Transport

We have the best insurance in the business to keep your assets safe. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is protected from pickup to drop off.

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Auto Enthusiasts

At RCG Auto, we take car shipping personally. This company was started by people who love cars. That’s all the more reason to trust us to take care of yours.

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Gold Star Service

Our high ratings reflect our commitment to customer satisfaction. At RCG Auto, you’re considered a partner in our success.

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We get it, shipping a vehicle isn’t something you do every day and you may have questions. Our Car Shipping Specialists have years of experience and can help you understand and be with you through the whole car shipping process.

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