Car Shipping Insurance

RCG Logistics has all of necessary licenses and insurance to have your vehicle delivered safely. We even have contingent cargo insurance to provide additional protection to our customers for the high value shipments.

  • MC#: 507860 Licensed Freight Broker
  • Contingent Cargo Insurance for $100,000 in addition to the primary cargo

When shipping your car it is important to make sure that the carrier has a current insurance policy with adequate coverage. Car shipping insurance policy are often broadly written with many exclusions.

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Insurance Protection Basics

For the best protection all vehicles that we transport are insured from the time of pick up until the point of delivery. RCG Logistics also carries additional insurance, contingency cargo coverage, to provide added protection and peace of mind for our customers at no extra charge. A certificate of insurance will be provided upon request. Not all insurance coverages are the same and always be skeptical if someone says that everything is covered by insurance.

Our Minimum Cargo Insurance Requirements:
$100,000 for 3 car hauler, $250,000 for 8 car hauler

What Insurance Coverage Protects Against

  • Damages to the vehicle when loading or unloading
  • Collision during the transportation that results in damage
  • Vandalism or theft

What is not covered by insurance:

  • All weather damage, including rain, wind, and hail
  • Glass damage that is not a direct fault of the driver or equipment malfunctions
  • Road debris, not limited to rock chips

There are variety of rules and contingencies imposed by insurance companies, we recommended that personal vehicles are added customers policies before being shipped. To learn more about auto insurance for personal vehicles see this insurance guide published by

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Suggested Cargo Insurance Limits

Cars ShippedCargo Insurance
2 – 3$100,000
2 – 4$150,000
4 – 8$250,000
8 – 11$350,000