Car Dealerships

We know there are many options for shipping your vehicle and choosing the wrong one could mean more money out of your pocket, that’s why for over two decades RCG has built a reputation in the auto transport industry of dependability and good service.

For almost two decades, we’ve worked with dealerships and auto auctions to quickly and efficiently expedite transactions to save time and money.

If you want to save time and headaches, contact us and our experienced Logistic Experts will be able to provide you with a customized solution to meet your needs.  

Guaranteed Delivery Schedule

RCG Auto understands dealership, fleet delivery and auctions has a schedule to follow, and we are here to guarantee your vehicle being delivered before or on the desired date.

Single or Multiple Loads

We have the capacity to ship single or multiple cars at a time. Contact us for a shipping quote as prices vary with multiple units and will result in a discounted rate. Location plays a huge role, like being located next to a major highway, which will further lower your price.

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Why Choose RCG Logistics?

High Vol

High Volume Transport

RCG dispatchers are trained to perfecting shipments of full and partial truckloads to and from dealerships. We are specialized in shipping multiple units responsibly and efficiently. We are happy to sync with a dealership’s accounting system for easier VIN tracking and billing.

Exp Shipping

Expedited Scheduling

We assist a dealer’s fluctuating pick-up and delivery schedule and prioritize shipping to expedite their demands. Long distance vehicle is available to provide up-to date transit information.

Claim Mgmt

Claim Management

Unfortunately, sometimes our level of perfection is interrupted by events outside of our control. Should you expect any delays or suffer transport damages to a vehicle, we are committed to resolving every issue to the very end. We coordinate with insurance companies and offer resolutions to meet a your expectations.


Auction Friendly

Vehicles that are inoperable, leaving auctions, or are difficult to transport will get just the right truck assigned by our professional team of dispatchers to make the transport happen. All technical and legal paperwork is auction ready and customized for a dealer’s specific needs

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