How to Get an Accurate Car Shipping Quote

How to Get an Accurate Car Shipping Quote

How much does it cost to ship my car?

Step 1. Fill out a car shipping quote online form

The most frequent shipping question we get is unsurprisingly, about rates. Why something costs what it does is really important in deciding how you value that service – and who doesn’t like a great value. Are you looking to relocate your personal car in the next couple of weeks? Timing is important because with fixed schedules prices tend to be higher. Are you a car dealer in need to move multiple units for a trade or an auction that has just sold 40 cars to a dealer halfway across the country? There are a many different factors that make up the formula car shipping rates and in this post we will explain the importance of each one.

First step to getting an accurate car transport quote is to provide as much relevant information as possible to help an auto transporter identify your unique needs. Filling out the quote form is a great start that will give basic information to the trucking company about: directives, dates, and specifics about the vehicle needing transport . Selecting a large SUV vs a compact sedan will consequently increase your price. Furthermore, if the shipping date is months away, the car shipping quote you receive will most likely change by the time the vehicle needs to be shipped due to seasonal fluctuations in supply and demand, it is best to get a quote no more than three weeks in advance. Last but not least, provide the exact zip codes for pick up and delivery as more popular cities will help to bring the cost down.

Step 2. Call and speak to a sales representative

Sometimes, when filling out a quote, the calculator isn’t able to calculate the price due to the location or condition of the vehicle.  In this case you would call and speak to a sales representative on the phone where they would assist you with an accurate price given your specific circumstances. Remember to provide the rep with all the important details like the exact zip codes and if there is anything dysfunctional about your vehicle.


Incidentally, like in most industries, there are ways you can lower your shipping quote by shipping multiple vehicles together due to economy of scale. This is especially ideal for dealers and auctions who ship hundreds of cars every year. Moreover, if you are looking to relocating across the country it might even be worth it to ship all of your cars instead of driving.

In conclusion you want to make sure to read the reviews and check of BBB ratings before making the final decision. Believe it or not, there are lots of unscrupulous companies in the car shipping industry who will sell your quote to hungry brokers looking for leads. This will result in you receiving hundreds of calls and emails from companies that only want your money without providing you with quality service. Remember that getting the cheapest quote doesn’t necessarily mean you will receive the greatest service in return. This post hopefully makes it easier to find an accurate car shipping quote with a reputable company.

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Alex Marinov is the president of RCG Logistics LLC, with years experience in the shipping and freight industry. His main interest include sustainable building design, video production and automobiles.


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