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Why work with a broker to ship cars?

At RCG Auto Logistics we are committed to adding transactional value to both customers and carriers we work with. Here is a list of added value services we provide.

Benefits to Customer:

  • Expertise and knowledge of vehicle shipping trends
  • Access to thousands of trucks nationwide
  • Expedited Service
  • Dispute resolution and commitment to high quality service
  • Claims processing
  • Additional insurance
  • Leverage to negotiate with carriers
  • Internal carrier ranking system based on past performance
  • Convenient payment and billing options

Benefits to Carrier: 

  • Financial Stability with 12+ years in business
  • $75,000 Bond on file with FMCSA
  • 1600+ positive (99.8%) carrier ratings on Central Dispatch
  • Get paid fast with convenient MoneyCodes or ACH transfers
  • After hour emergency dispatch numbers
  • Dispute resolutions
  • Scheduling coordination
  • Team of trained dispatchers
  • Load matching services based on previous lanes
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