Drayage Logistics Solutions 

RCG Logistics makes your shipping process smoother, cost-effective, and more efficient by providing full drayage solutions. We can assist you with all eight primary IANA classifications of containers. Our vast network of 35,000+ carriers across the country lets us connect you faster than many other businesses to meet your company’s needs and budget.   

We can also arrange heavy shipment storage to optimize your deliveries to warehouses and help with your trans-loading needs.  

3 Reasons to Partner with RCG


Adaptive Delivery Solutions

Our unique access to carriers & vendors across the country gives our clients the option on when and how they want their products delivered. 

RCG can also provide storage for heavy shipments to optimize deliveries to clients’ warehouses and trans-loading needs.  


The Right Equipment 

Having the right chassis is essential to minimizing disruption and meeting SLAs. At RCG we have a network of carriers with a full selection of chassis that meet all container sizes and requirements. 


Integrated Solutions

RCG is the first company to build a 2-way integration with AutoIMS and has a fully in-house, U.S.-based development team. We leverage our technology to create transparency and automate many operational tasks, giving our team time to focus on YOUR direct needs.

3 ways our Drayage and
Intermodal Solutions Work 

Understanding your needs

1. Understanding Your Needs

First, we get on a call to understand your business, your needs, and what kind of partnership would work best for you. 

Making the first booking

2. Nationwide Coverage and Scheduling

RCG large networks of carriers allows us to quickly provide coverage where most dray companies are booked out weeks to months in advance, thus minimizing and eliminating demurrage charges on each lane.

Tracking and Billing

3. Tracking, Billing, and Support

Our customer portal is a one-stop solution for all your post-booking needs, whether tracking, billing, or support.

Experience the RCG Assurance

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