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Rob Tang is the Marketing Director and Creative Lead at RCG Logistics. When he's not leading marketing strategies, designing user interfaces or pulling his hair out updating wordpress, he's restoring his 1972 Mercedes 250c.

New Logistic Operations Office Open in Medellín

By |2023-09-01T23:17:43-07:0005/17/2022|Press Releases|

May 16, 2022 RCG is proud to announce the opening of our new logistics operations office in Medellín, Colombia.   The pandemic that has stressed the global logistics networks with an unprecedented demand driving the need for skilled logistics professionals. RCG sought to look towards Colombia, South America, to access a skilled [...]

Expand Your Car Search Nationwide by Shipping It

By |2022-03-28T14:47:47-07:0003/07/2022|Car Shipping|

It's no secret that the car-buying market is going through a tough time. Prices are skyrocketing, there is little availability of models, and the shortage of chips and raw materials continues to wreak havoc since the beginning of the pandemic. And the worst thing is that according to experts, such as John Lawler, Ford’s [...]

Shipping Salvaged Cars

By |2022-06-20T15:01:33-07:0011/01/2021|

The challenge with shipping salvaged and damaged cars is how to get them on the trailer if they don’t move. When buying from auctions like Copart & IAAI this is made possible due to a forklift. With a help of a fork lift cars that do not roll or steer are easily loaded [...]

Choosing the Right Car Shipping Equipment

By |2022-06-20T14:59:41-07:0004/21/2021|

1- Car Hauler The flatbed is the top choice for local transportation with distances less than 100 miles. 1-car haulers provide unmatched flexibility when handling inoperable cars and maneuvering in tight places. Also called roll-backs, these units are most likely to be seen on the freeways responding to accidents and can [...]

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