• Most experts agree that the causes of port congestion are much more structural than simply seasonal difficulties. And in recent years, Coronavirus that have disrupted supply chains, and political volatility, have only added to port congestion that existed before. Having containers waiting up to two weeks to be dispatched is [...]

    By Published On: 08/12/2022Categories: Car Shipping, Drayage
  • Every year around 17 million cars are sold in the US, with virtually all of them shipped to dealers on trucks. According to the CFS, trucks transported 71.6% or $10.4 trillion of the $14.5 trillion value of all goods shipped in the country last year. If you are in the [...]

    By Published On: 07/29/2022Categories: Car Shipping
  • Wondering how to start a moving company? We can’t blame you… There’s a lot of money to be made in the transportation business. The average family today moves more often than they did just a few decades ago. The moving and storage industry is one of the most secure and [...]

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  • Used cars for sale  If you have been searching for a used car for sale lately, you will have noticed some costs as much as new. Since the start of the pandemic, the used car market has been absurdly volatile and people are scratching their heads asking why, when will [...]

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  • The gasoline crisis has returned in a way we have not seen for decades. Will it end anytime soon? Is it a good time to buy electric or is it still possible to find something affordable and fun while saving gas?  Is it time to buy electric? It seems so [...]

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  • While shipping your vehicle may seem straightforward, there are many ways your vehicle shipping can go wrong. We've heard of all kinds, from poor customer services, and frauds to companies that hold your vehicle until you pay extra. Unfortunately, consumers are not always well protected in the auto transport industry. [...]

    By Published On: 04/11/2022Categories: Car Shipping
  • How snowbirds are migrating back amid skyrocketing gas prices and covid recovery. Gasoline is skyrocketing, snowbirds are returning home after months in the south, products are more expensive, what to do? *** Winter has begun to let up and spring is in sight. Meanwhile, hundreds of snowbirds are preparing to [...]

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  • It's no secret that the car-buying market is going through a tough time. Prices are skyrocketing, there is little availability of models, and the shortage of chips and raw materials continues to wreak havoc since the beginning of the pandemic. And the worst thing is that according to experts, such as John Lawler, [...]

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  • Honda S2000 CR, Shipped from Auction to Customer in 10 Days.

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