New Logistic Operations Office Open in Medellín

New Logistic Operations Office Open in Medellín

May 16, 2022

RCG is proud to announce the opening of our new logistics operations office in Medellín, Colombia.  

The pandemic that has stressed the global logistics networks with an unprecedented demand driving the need for skilled logistics professionals. RCG sought to look towards Colombia, South America, to access a skilled workforce that can meet the increased demand for logistics solutions. In addition, Colombia being one of the largest trade and investment partners for the United States, allowed us to grow a list of services we offer to include Drayage and Intermodal Rail solutions to help clients optimize their supply chains impacted by port congestion.  

In partnership with Lean Solutions, a multinational company with more than twenty years of near-shoring experience in the international logistics sector, we opened and kicked started operations in Medellín, Colombia. After 8 months, with seamless integration and continued expansion, we quickly outgrew that space and officially moved into a bigger office today.

The new office will allow us to staff up additional 100 team members, led by Sean Cabin, Chief Compliance Officer, and Brad Marinov, Director of Operations, reporting to Vick Kuzmenko, CEO of RCG Logistics. RCG will continue to set the standards of quality, trust, and promptness that led us to be one of Sacramento’s fastest-growing companies a year ago. The team in Medellín will enable RCG Logistics to extend our business operations from 5am to 6pm PST and 24/7 after hour coverage 

Vick Kuzmenko, CEO, flew in to celebrate the important milestone with a  renewed commitment to grow, hire and develop new talent for both offices. RCG is always innovating to improve the auto transport and logistics industry and will continue investing in people and new technology to solve industry challenges.

“When I first flew out to Medellín, Colombia not only was I captivated by the natural beauty of the region, I was further impressed by the incredibly talented, educated and motivated workforce. After successfully launching pilot program we quickly out grew our initial office and we identified a gorgeous building in the heart of Medellin financial district that was a perfect fit for our vision of dramatic growth.” – Vick Kuzmenko, CEO

About the Author: Rob Tang

Rob Tang is the Marketing Director and Creative Lead at RCG Logistics. When he's not leading marketing strategies, designing user interfaces or pulling his hair out updating wordpress, he's restoring his 1972 Mercedes 250c.


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