What Type of Vehicles can we Ship to Your Customers?

Whether small or large, wide or narrow, with wheels or without, RCG Auto Logistics answers all your vehicle shipping needs. We pride ourselves on high standards, clear SOP, and technological expertise to ensure the safest and fastest vehicle delivery, irrespective of the vehicle type.

RV Illustration

Standard Sedans & SUVs

Open Car Shipping: If your customers want to ship standard sedans and SUVs, open car shipping is the best option as far as delivery time and cost are concerned. In this method, the car is loaded onto an open trailer. The car remains safe by means of chains and locking mechanisms. 

Enclosed Car Shipping: Although this is a shipping mode preferred for luxury and classic cars, your customers can opt for it if they want to go an extra mile for safety. The enclosed car trailer ensures complete safety against weather conditions. 

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Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

Flatbed Services: One of our contracted and vetted carriers will load your customers’ RV on flatbed trailers and provide door-to-door transport.

Tow-Away Services: In case the vehicle needs to be towed for any reason, we’ll have a reliable trailer to have your RV towed with the proper class carrier and equipment to ensure complete safety.

Drive-Away Services: If the RV is drivable and the distance isn’t too long, we can provide you with drive-away services. Drivers are vetted through a thorough onboarding process, including specialty training. 

Boat Shipping

Motorcycles and Powersports

Motorcycles and Powersports are delicate and require the highest care while shipping. Our logistics experts and carriers are rigorously trained to meet and exceed industry standards to ensure each vehicle avoids damage during transportation. When necessary, these vehicles are transported in enclosed trailers with the added safety of custom pallets and air-ride shipping.

Silver Sedan

Luxury Sedans & SUVs

Open Car Shipping: It is the most common and cost-effective shipping method in which the car is loaded onto an open trailer along with other cars. You and your customers can remain stress-free as our carriers ensure complete safety using chains or locking mechanisms. 

Enclosed Car Shipping: When it comes to luxury cars and SUVs, enclosed shipping is the way to go. Using hydraulic lift gates in custom-made trailers ensures complete safety for sedans with low ground clearance. Enclosed shipping reduces exposure to outside elements and decreases the likelihood of your car being damaged.

Side view of a white motor home.


When it comes to boat shipping, customers have two options to choose from: flatbed trailer or enclosed trailer. The former is ideal for boats that are large in size, while the latter offers more safety.


Do You Need to Relocate Two Different Vehicles at Once?

In order to save time and money, your customers might want to ship different types of vehicles. Well, don’t worry as we’ve got it covered for you. With over 20,000 carriers, we can arrange, schedule and delivery multiple types of vehicles at the same time. All of our carriers are fully vetted, and will ensure complete vehicle safety by taking safety measures such as strapping, customized pallets, air-ride facility, etc. And of course, all vehicles are protected by stellar insurance from the moment we pick them up.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re not familiar with auto transport. Wouldn’t this partnership create complications for us?

With RCG by your side, you get top-notch technological integration and dedicated agents to do all the administrative work for you. All auto-transport-related things will be handled by us so that you don’t have to bat an eye.

Will you be able to manage high volumes?

We have 35,000+ contracted and vetted carriers who are always ready to meet your orders. Our order success rate of 99.7% is a testament to our capability.

Communication with 3PLs takes a lot of time. What do you offer to reduce this time frame?

With a customer portal, Salesforce compatibility, and API integration, you get customer support right at your fingertips. Every client receives a dedicated agent who’s always available to help you out.

Would this partnership create any compliance issues for us?

When you partner with us for auto relocation, RCG remains the mover in official terms. We are licensed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to carry out nationwide operations. Thus, you don’t need to be concerned about compliance.

Will we be able to track the shipment?

Using RCG’s app, our carriers share live updates of shipments to keep you and the customers updated about the location