How Does Our Vehicle Logistics Partnership Work?

As a relocation company, vehicle logistics is not your specialty, and you don’t want to create a partnership to put a burden on you. We understand that, and that’s why we make the whole partnership a breeze for you.

We ensure seamless integration with facilities such as automated billing, 24/7 support, speedy escalation, and GPS tracking. All it takes is five easy steps, and you’re all set for a value-adding partnership. Our dedicated agent walks you through each step so that there’s no burden on you and you can get started as quickly as possible.

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Understanding Your Needs

First, we get on a call to understand your business, your needs, and what kind of partnership would work best for you.

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Sign the Contract and Ship Your First Load

Once we receive and verify all the required documents, you can sign the contract to formalize the partnership. Now you’re good to order and schedule your first shipment. There’s no need to worry about regulatory compliance and insurance as we’ve covered it for you.

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We ensure a seamless flow of information between the end customer and shipper. In the event of a delay, our shippers will update you in addition to our standard notification. We also enable GPS tracking or positioning so that you and your customers can stay updated on the vehicle’s exact location.

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You can use our portal to automate billing and invoicing. It’s done on a monthly basis based on terms we’ve agreed upon.

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Our dedicated agents are available 24/7 over chat and call to efficiently resolve any issues with your customers.

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Want to Achieve Higher Efficiency
Through Our Portal?

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We provide a sandbox environment that will allow you to learn and play without the risk until you’re ready to make your first booking.

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Instant Onboarding

Our portal enables instant onboarding if you have a single load shipment and want to start immediately.


Documentation & Training

We provide in-depth documentation, and one-on-one training to provide in-depth documentation and one-on-one training to help you get the most out of our portal.

Requirements for Starting a Vehicle Logistics Partnership

  • Provide information for onboarding using the RCG intake form
  • Complete the RCG MSA
  • Get introduced to your dedicated customer service agent
  • Kick off meeting 
  • Set up billing and invoicing
  • Book and track your first order
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Responsible for What?


  • Source information and ask for a quote


  • Scheduling and performing the shipment
  • Regulatory compliance and insurance
  • Billing, Tracking, and Support

Would this partnership create any compliance issues for us?

When you partner with us for vehicle logistics, RCG remains the mover in official terms. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has licensed us to carry out nationwide operations. Thus, you don’t need to be concerned about compliance.

What happens if the car breaks down along the route? Who is responsible?

A car can get damaged either due to the owner’s action or the car shipping company’s negligence. An example of the former is if they failed to inspect their vehicle’s steering, brakes, and rolls appropriately or did not share the correct measurement of the car. In such cases, the car shipping company is not liable for the car’s damages.

Do you white-label your services?

We provide white-label services for big relocation companies with more than 100 moves a month. In addition, our developers can help you with API integration and portal customization.

Communication with 3PLs takes a lot of time. What do you offer to reduce this time frame?

With a customer portal, Salesforce compatibility, and API integration, you get customer support right at your fingertips. Every client receives a dedicated agent who’s always available to help you out.

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