Learn How to Use Our Car Relocation Services

  • Contract Rates for Large Volume Buyers
  • 20,000+ Vetted and Contracted Carriers
  • Client Portal with GPS Tracking
  • Photos and Detailed Inspection Reports
  • Guaranteed Delivery Dates
Relocation Services Dashboard

Follow Our 3 Steps to Get Started

Onboarding has never been easier! It takes three simple steps to book your first booking with RCG.


Step 1: Talk to an Agent

First, talk to a dedicated agent to specify your requirements, how the partnership models work,s and what is the best fit for you.


Step 2: Sign the Agreement

Once you have understood the ins and outs of the partnership and agree to the terms, you can sign the partnership agreement to get started.


Step 3: Make Your First Booking

After you’ve signed the agreement, our support team will walk you through a super-easy onboarding process, including one-on-one training for you and your team. Once that is done, you’re all set to make your first booking through our portal.

Move Forward with RCG

We know how it feels like when you get a terrible review or lose a deal because your auto transport partner did a lousy job. Our car relocation services have a 99.7% success rate, and thousands of customer testimonials vouch for that.

Our goal is to exceed a customer’s expectations in everything we do.

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Multiple User Access 

Your customers don’t deserve to suffer because your employment with your portal account credentials isn’t available. With RCG, you get multiple accounts so you don’t have to depend on a single person.

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System Sandbox Creation

We provide a sandbox environment that will allow you to learn and play without the risk until you’re ready to make your first booking.

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One-on-One Training

The onboarding process doesn’t need to be complex. We provide one-on-one training so that you can avoid tiresome back-and-forth.

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World-Class Technology

When you partner with RCG, you get across-the-board technological advantages such as portal customization, automated order booking, route mapping, GPS tracking, etc. We also help you integrate our system into your TMS.

Reasons to Partner with RCG

One-Stop Service to Save Your Time

RCG’s automated platforms and dedicated agents provide a complete solution to generate a revenue stream without losing focus on your core business, whether order creation, billing, or insurance.

Seamless Technology Integration

With real-time GPS tracking, Salesforce compatibility, API integration, and customization of the client portal, we provide a seamless customer experience with your relocation services. You won’t even need to call us!

99.7% On-Time Delivery Success Rate

Have you ever got a bad review or lost a deal because your auto transport partner did a lousy job? We have carved a solid reputation in the auto relocation industry with a nationwide delivery time of 2.9 days for 99.7% of moves

Reliable and Dependable Customer Service

We deliver the best customer experience by ensuring on-time pickup, detailed vehicle inspection reports, and speedy customer service to resolve any issues. Our 20,000+ contracted and vetted carriers provide best-in-class customer service.

Reporting & Support

Our shippers keep sending reports and updates about the shipment through our app. In the event of a delay, they waste no time informing you so that the customer goes through the least possible inconvenience. Plus, our dedicated agents are available 24/7 to resolve any issues.

Relocation Services Dashboard
Invoice and Billing graphic

Integrated Billing

With our integrated billing system, your customers don’t need to bounce between two places. You can easily manage billing and accounts through our portal and save your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re not familiar with auto transport. Wouldn’t this partnership create complications for us?

With RCG by your side, you get top-notch technological integration and dedicated agents to do all the administrative work for you. All auto-transport-related things will be handled by us so that you don’t have to bat an eye.

Will you be able to manage high volumes?

We have 35,000+ contracted and vetted carriers who are always ready to meet your orders. Our order success rate of 99.7% is a testament to our capability.

Communication with 3PLs takes a lot of time. What do you offer to reduce this time frame?

With a customer portal, Salesforce compatibility, and API integration, you get customer support right at your fingertips. Every client receives a dedicated agent who’s always available to help you out.

Would this partnership create any compliance issues for us?

When you partner with us for auto relocation, RCG remains the mover in official terms. We are licensed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to carry out nationwide operations. Thus, you don’t need to be concerned about compliance.

Will we be able to track the shipment?

Using RCG’s app, our carriers share live updates of shipments to keep you and the customers updated about the location