About Olga Pruglo

Olga is an experienced Business Development Manager with a history of creating successful partnerships with businesses to promote mutual growth and revenue generation. For the last couple of years, she has been one of the leaders of RCG Logistics business development team, helping the company find new opportunities and solutions to meet our customers needs.

How To Negotiate A Relocation Package?

By |2023-09-01T03:42:26-07:0011/08/2022|Relocation|

Have you question "How To Negotiate A Relocation Package?" it is essential to calculate the costs. This will help you understand what you need and what you can afford. How To Negotiate A Relocation Package? Depending on the distance between your workplace and your new job, your employer may provide relocation [...]

What Is a Reasonable Relocation Package? 

By |2022-10-11T22:38:47-07:0010/10/2022|Relocation|

What Is a Reasonable Relocation Package? Moving across the country or even just across town can be one of the most stressful, tiring, and expensive life events that you’ll ever go through. Whether you’re doing this by yourself or with your family, you can lessen the impact on yourself and your [...]

How Does Car Shipping Work? 

By |2023-09-01T03:18:06-07:0009/28/2022|Car Shipping, Relocation|

How Does Car Shipping Work? Transporting a vehicle across the country is an inevitable need that could arise. Maybe you just bought a car online from a dealer or private seller in one state, and need to ship it to your new destination, or maybe you're relocating to start a new [...]

Employee Relocation – Packages and Guide for 2022 

By |2022-08-18T09:18:50-07:0008/18/2022|Relocation|

Are you looking for a moving company to handle employee relocation? RCG Logistics offers time-saving, one-stop service, large-volume contract rates, GPS tracking through our client portal, and guaranteed delivery dates to companies and individuals looking to partner with us! With a network of more than 20,000 embedded contracted carriers, we can [...]

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