Corporate Relocation Services – Everything You Need To Know 

Corporate Relocation Services – Everything You Need To Know 

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As the world continues to become more connected, transportation has also evolved. Today, people can travel around the globe at speeds never before seen. This means that there is a greater demand for efficient modes of transport. Corporate relocation services are designed to assist with all aspects of moving a company or organization, including finding new office space, managing employee moves, coordinating auto shipping, storage services for personal items, temporary rentals, and more.  

At RCG Logistics, we aim to provide auto shipping options to individuals, companies, and corporate relocation services companies who are relocating their offices or employees across the globe. Our agents have extensive experience handling all types of national and international auto shipping needs, and we are one call away anytime you need us with competitive, low pricing and zero money bookings that will get your vehicles to your destination quickly and safely guaranteed.  

What Are Corporate Relocation Services? 

Corporate relocation refers to relocating employees within their organization. This usually happens when companies want to expand into new markets, hire new talent, or move offices due to growth. Corporate relocation is often associated with cost savings, but it also has its risks. If done correctly, it can save time and money. On the other hand, if not planned well, it can cause problems such as employee dissatisfaction, increased travel costs, and lost productivity. 

A corporate relocation service can help with all aspects of moving a company or organization. They may provide storage facilities, packers, movers, shipping services, or other related services. Some companies specialize in one aspect of the move while others offer a complete package. 

Why Choose RCG Logistics for Corporate Relocation Service? 

Corporate Relocation Service is a process in which both employees and employers can face a number of challenges if not properly planned. Employees may have to move their families, their pets, their vehicles, and their personal belongings, while employers are faced with how to accommodate new work locations, schedules, relocation budgets, and all of the other intricacies that come with corporate relocation. Corporate relocation service requires careful planning and preparation to ensure smooth transitions for all parties involved.  

Here are some of the reasons RCG Logistics is the best auto shipping company to call on or partner with for corporate relocation services: 

Benefits of Choosing RCG Logistics for Corporate Relocation Services 

With a car shipping network of over 15,000 auto transporters, more than 1000+ cars shipped daily, and an unparalleled auto shipping safety record, RCG Logistics is the best auto shipping provider operating in the U.S. and Canada. Our comprehensive “one call and we’ll handle the rest” approach to vehicle shipping and our fully integrated apps, EBLs, and GIS Technologies makes us the best company to partner with for corporate relocation services both here in the U.S. and Canada, and worldwide. 

Here are the main benefits of choosing RCG Logistics as your auto shipping services provider for corporate relocation: 

Zero Money Down Bookings on Auto Shipping  

We offer zero money down on auto shipping bookings! This is super convenient for people who are in a hurry because we don’t require payment until we show up to pick up your vehicle. 

Affordable National and International Auto Shipping Options  

Because we’re connected with one of the largest auto carrier networks. In the world, you will always get competitive prices from us on any of our national and international auto shipping options.  

Largest International Auto Carrier Network  

We are connected to a vendor network of over 15,000 auto shipping carriers. Because of this, RCG Logistics can ship your vehicle or fleet of vehicles quickly and safely to your destination in record time.  

One Call Auto Shipping Solution  

If you’re planning a corporate relocation, Chances are you have enough on your back already. At RCG Logistics, it’s always as easy as just picking up the phone and making one call. We handle the rest. This is super convenient if you’re in a hurry looking for a one-call solution to get your vehicle transported to your destination safely and on time. 

Licensed and Insured Automobile Transport  

RCG Logistics is licensed and insured to ship cars both nationally and internationally. We currently ship 1000+ vehicles daily, and if you read some of our reviews online you’ll notice that our customers love us for the ease and convenience that we offer, and how safely and quickly we get their vehicles to their destination.  

Unmarred Safety Record for 2+ Years Running  

Our carriers always abide by the safest procedures and adhere to all local, state, national, and international laws, and we have a long-standing record of shipping your car to its destination conveniently and safely! 

Cutting Edge Technologies  

Through our nationwide network of carriers, we provide complete supply chain logistics for individuals and businesses. We are positioned to partner with corporate relocation companies for shipping vehicles nationally or internationally with intuitive client portals, convenient carrier apps, locksmithing services, and so much more. 

In-House Damage Claims Specialists  

When something goes wrong with your auto shipment, it’s imperative to have a shipping company that you can depend on to be there for you. Our in-house damage claims specialists will work with insurance claims agents and claims adjusters quickly and get everything taken care of for you as fast and headache-free as possible! 

Amazing, Helpful Agents Here to Serve You  

Our agents are here to handle all of your auto shipping questions and needs quickly and effectively. We are a one-call auto shipping solution with friendly agents who are trained to make your auto shipping as carefree as possible—whether you are shipping one car, or moving a fleet or an entire operation to a new location anywhere in the world! 

Different Types of Corporate Relocation Packages  

First, there are generally corporate relocation packages for national and international relocation packages. After that, the type of package will generally fall within 3 main types: tiered relocation packages, lump sum relocation packages, or managed budget relocation packages. 

National Corporate Relocation Packages 

We help companies manage their national corporate relocation services by providing customized auto shipping for relocation services for individuals and companies worldwide. With the biggest national and international carrier network, we help companies save money by reducing travel expenses and stress associated with corporate relocations. 

International Corporate Relocation 

We offer a one-call solution for auto shipping services for corporate relocations! Speed, cost, and accountability are critical to corporate relocations. Especially when your employees will be moving to a foreign country. At RCG Logistics, we understand that, and we offer experienced agents, licensed and insured carriers, and professional support for individuals, companies, and other organizations in need of international corporate relocations.  

Tiered Packages   

The company can save money by providing tailored packages for its employees according to their seniority, position, and circumstances. The use of this option is common among in-house and external relocation teams. A tailored package would be provided to employees who are relocating. 

Lump Sum Packages   

Lump Sum Packages, also known as cash-only payments, are the easiest option, but they do not guarantee a positive outcome. As a relocation aid, new employees are granted lump sums. They can keep any excess cash. For the employee, it sounds convenient and easy, but many companies are moving away from lump sum packages because employees are often tempted to pocket a lot of the cash, exploiting the process to pocket the money. 

Managed Budget Package   

Managed Budget Packages are sometimes called capped allowances. The model can be used by businesses to determine their willingness to spend on employee relocations. This concept is sometimes used by relocation management companies when requesting assistance from third parties.  

How Corporate Relocation Process Works? 

Our corporate relocation services make us the perfect partner for individuals, companies, and corporate relocation services companies alike. We assist you in planning and implementing a best practice corporate relocation services strategy and program. We can offer the precise kind and level of support you require, including connections with full corporate relocation services and program management providers. 

We’ve helped clients of all kinds — large corporations, small startups, international organizations, government agencies, and non-profits with everything from domestic relocations to complex cross-border moves. And we’re always happy to help out when things get weird. 

Thanks to our international network of auto carriers, we can offer auto shipping services to corporate relocation services that allow you to ensure your program remains competitive and cost-effective. Our results allow you to attract your target market with an end-to-end corporate relocation services solution. 

Corporate relocation services should provide all of the necessary resourc­es, tool­s, and ser­vices needed to ensure a smooth, suc­cessful corporate relocation pro­cess. These programs often includ­ing ongoing employe­e sup­port, suppli­er man­age­ment, candi­date selec­tion, relo­ca­tions ben­efits, and temporary housing accommodations to ensure a smooth transition. 

Our friendly auto shipping agents can answer any relocation requirements you may have. Our agents offer one-call solutions to assist you with getting your employees’ vehicles shipped safely and on time to your destination to ensure that your corporate relocation process goes smoothly and gets your team on the road quickly and hassle-free once they reach their new work locations. 

We offer unparalleled customer service and assistance for auto shipping services—an inevitable process in any corporate relocation strategy. We’ll also make relocating your employees easy by guiding the entire process, including domestic relocation, international transfers, visa applications, and much more. 

RCG is the Best Auto Shipping Company to Partner with Corporate Relocation Service 

Regardless of the size of the move, corporate relocations can be complicated. A single point of coordination at RCG Logistics streamlines the moving process and provides a single point of contact for employees and their assignment managers. Any situation, no matter how big or small, will be handled by our agents with a smile. 

Aside from one-call service and low pricing on auto shipping with over 15,000 international carriers to handle any size of corporate relocation services, we are also the best auto shipping services provider to partner with if you are a corporate relocation services company!  

RCG Logistics Corporate Relocation Auto Shipping Partner Services Fit Into 2 Basic Types: 

Companies in Need of Under 100 Moves per Month 

Adaptable pricing model: No fixed moves per month. Book anytime with flexible pricing! 

  • We make it easy to integrate your operations, so you have no administrative burden. 
  • Whether you move once or ten times, you get the benefits of our ‘Partner’ service. 

Companies in Need of More than 100 Moves Per Month 

Fixed Pricing Model: To minimize negotiations and coordination, we partner with you on fixed pricing based on your historical shipments.  

  • You can white label our services by integrating GPS tracking, customer portals, and other best-in-class technologies. 

Tips for Smooth Corporate Relocation 

Make a Plan 

It’s important for a successful corporate relocation to work out where you want to move in advance, but you also need to think about how much space you will need, be aware of the terms of your current lease and outline any essential features that you need in advance as well. 

Communicate with Staff 

Once you have outlined your needs and made a plan, and have a list of potential properties in place, your staff should be informed of your plans to let them provide feedback and get any concerns that they have out of the way.| 

Hire the Right Project Manager 

Your office relocation should be managed by a professional. Alternatively, you could hire someone in-house who has outstanding organizational skills and experience working under tight budgets. 

Regardless, you will need someone to coordinate and manage your office relocation.  

Plan Your Timeline 

A detailed schedule of tasks is needed when you have a moving date. It is ideal to do this one to two months before your office relocation date. Keeping your staff prepared and on track will help you move smoothly. 

Prepare for Contingencies 

It is best to be prepared for the worst, even if everything goes according to plan. Provide a contingency plan and contact information for all key parties involved in the move. 

Choose the Right Moving Company 

If you are moving commercially, you should hire a moving company with experience in that area. The disassembly and reassembly of office furniture and handling of IT equipment is more involved with an office relocation than a residential one. 

Choose the Right Auto Shipping Company 

Choosing the right auto shipping company can take the headache out of getting all of your employees’ vehicles to their new destinations safely. RCG Auto is a one-call solution for auto shipping. With low rates and zero down bookings, we have agents on standby now to handle all of your auto shipping, ATV shipping, and fleet shipping needs! 

Have Your Old Office Deep Cleaned 

A deep cleaning may be required to restore the beauty of your office, depending on the terms of your lease. Take photos of your old office before you move out. Your landlord may use these if you claim that the property was damaged by you. 

Change Your Address 

Make sure you change your address wherever it appears. This includes any headed notepaper, brochures, and your online details. If you don’t want to pay for expensive reprints, a simple address sticker covering your old address could be used. 

Be There on Moving Day 

To help with the moving process, you must be present on moving day, even if you hire a moving company. To help coordinate the move, having a manager present at both the old and new locations may be helpful. 


RCG Logistics offers comprehensive auto shipping services for individuals, businesses of all sizes, and corporate relocations services companies to help companies manage their international moves efficiently and effectively—and ensure that they can get around once they reach their destination!  

We offer a wide range of transportation solutions for businesses and individuals who need to move their goods from point A to point B. One Call Solution for Shipping Automobiles, ATVs, Motorsports, Military Vehicles, Construction Equipment, and Fleets. We are committed to helping businesses move their goods safely and efficiently while maintaining high levels of customer service. 

No matter whether we are moving an entire company or one person, we strive to provide personalized attention to each client’s unique needs. To ensure the best possible experience for our clients, we keep them informed throughout the entire process. Auto shipping, customs clearance, and all aspects of transportation logistics are all handled by us, whether you’re moving across town or around the world. 


Should I hire a corporate relocation company? 

If you are moving employees from one location to another, or you are a company that is moving employees from one location to another, hiring a corporate relocation service may be beneficial for you. A corporate relocation service can help you find temporary housing, new offices, and office furniture, and assist you with setting up employee relocation packages to make the transition to your new business address as smooth and carefree as possible.  

RCG is here for all of your auto shipping needs if you are planning a corporate relocation! Give us a call at 1 (800) 381-2068 between 5 am to 5 pm M-F, PST, or fill out this form to have an agent call you back to discuss your needs with you and give you a custom quote. 

How does a relocation program work? 

In a relocation program, the company outlines its relocation benefits, explains who is eligible for them, and describes how they are administered. Depending on the circumstances, a relocation program may consist of something as simple as payment in lump sums or something as complex as a global relocation program comprising many different policies. 

What is employee relocation? 

A company may ask its employees to relocate to another location to perform their duties. To help employees defray the cost of moving, companies usually offer relocation packages. The benefits can include lump sums of money or more targeted benefits such as help selling the home or ending the lease, finding a new home, moving household goods, etc. Recruiting and developing talent are two reasons companies relocate employees. 

How do corporate relocation packages work? 

Most companies offer relocation benefits to encourage employees to accept a move. In most cases, a lump sum of money can be provided, or approved relocation costs can be reimbursed as they are incurred. Employees with higher job levels and/or homeowners/renters receive more generous relocation packages based on their level and status.  

Companies often ask their relocating employees to sign a repayment agreement to offset the costs of relocation benefits. A company must be reimbursed for all or part of the relocation costs if the employee leaves within a year or two after moving. 

Relocation costs are typically defrayed in part by companies, not absorbed by employees completely. Employers should make sure that employees are aware of the costs they will be responsible for since they do not always realize this. 

Corporate relocation policies have become more formal, stating what is included and what is not. The company’s employee benefits policies should reflect its corporate culture and philosophy, as well as its competitive environment.  

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