Are You Able to Provide a Seamless Experience by Scheduling Shipping Car with Household Goods? 

Are You Able to Provide a Seamless Experience by Scheduling Shipping Car with Household Goods? 

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Every year around 3 million Americans make a move to another location in the US. Around 44% of that is made up of domestic moves, with people who need to ship household items, automobiles, move equipment, etc. If you own a moving company, you might be wondering if you can provide a seamless experience by scheduling shipping a car with household goods.  

The answer is yes. 

In this blog, we will tell you everything you know about shipping a car with household goods, and explain how your business can provide seamless services including car shipping with your moving services, the options available for your household goods, and the benefits of using RCG Logistics as your auto transport provider when you need to ship a vehicle. 

Shipping Car with Household Goods – What You Need to Know 

So, is shipping a car with household goods even possible? The answer is yes, and no. Here’s how it works… If you own a moving company, you already know that eventually, you are going to run into someone who needs to ship at least one of their vehicles out of state or across town. The problem with this is, that most car shipping companies are unable to ship household items on their car carriers because they could cause damage to other vehicles along the way, get lost or damaged, etc.  

Likewise, most moving companies don’t have the capabilities and the carriers required to ship cars. 

For this reason, most moving companies often either team up with a car shipping company or outsource the car shipping to part of the move to a company that specializes in auto relocation to enable them to offer an end-to-end solution for domestic movers. 

How Your Business Can Provide Household and Car Shipping Services Together 

If you own a moving company, and you’re wondering how you can provide household and car shipping services together, you’re in just the right place for that. RCG has made it easy and possible to partner with one of the most trusted auto relocation carriers in the industry! 

Due to our high standards, our clear SOP, and our technological expertise and experience shipping all types of business, luxury, specialty, and domestic vehicles to the US and Canada, we are positioned to help you easily tailor your services to offer stress-free customer experiences for your customers who need to ship their cars and household items together—while you enjoy all of the benefits that come with partnering with a true industry leader! 

Benefits of Partnering with RCG Logistics to Ship Cars with Household Items 

RCG Logistics started because we saw an honest, dependable, and innovative service provider in the auto transport industry. The service dealers, moving companies, auctions, financial institutions, political and military clients, you name it. What differentiates us is our in-depth understanding of our client’s needs, a large network of qualified car carriers, and the ability and technology to handle hundreds of simultaneous shipments. 

RCG Logistics was more than just an auto shipping company. We provide experienced and vetted solutions through our nationwide network of carriers that are designed to handle all of your personal and commercial transport and logistics needs. 

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with RCG for auto relocation services: 

Full Auto Transport and Logistics Services 

  • Trailer and Fleet Relocation 
  • Pick Up from Any City, State, or ZIP 
  • Door-to-Door Transport 
  • Easy and Fast Quotes 
  • Multiple Car Transport 
  • Open and Enclosed Car Transport Options 
  • Client Portals 
  • Carrier App 
  • Locksmithing   

Ability to Ship All of the Following Vehicle Types 

  • Powersports 
  • Fleets 
  • Classic Cars 
  • Government and Military Vehicles 
  • Motorcycles and ATVs 
  • Non-Running and Salvaged Vehicles 
  • RVs, and Travel Trailers 

Need Shipping or Logistics Services Now? 

We have a proven track record of transporting 97% of our clients’ vehicles within a 2 business day time frame of pick-up availability. Fill out our contact form here to get a custom quote. 

How Weight Impacts Auto Transport Carriers 

With auto transport, there are a few factors that affect the overall cost of shipping. The distance between pick-up and drop-off points, the price of fuel, and even the season can affect the cost of car shipping. 

Here is a list of the factors that can affect the auto shipping cost: 

Distance Between Stops – The distance your car will be shipped will affect the price. Longer distances will cost more, and shorter distances tend to be less expensive unless you are shipping to or from a remote location that is hard to get to. 

Price of Fuel– Fuel prices will affect the price of all vehicle shipping methods. When fuel is low, traveling costs are lower to reflect that. When they are high, you will most likely notice the price difference. 

Seasonal Shipping – The time of the year that you are shipping will affect car shipping quotes. It’s not uncommon to see seasonal price drops and increases in auto shipping rates. For example, during the spring and summer, prices tend to be higher than normal because more people are traveling and roadways are overcrowded. 

Types of Moving Services 

Local moving companies haul household items for people who move locally, generally across town or maybe 2-3 cities away. Long-distance movers move people to other states, and though these are the two that get used most by movers in the continental US, there are some other types of moving companies that you may need to know about. There are moving companies that specialize in shipping only in specialized areas of transport, like automotive transportation companies, freight transportation companies, etc. 

Here are all of the types of moving services: 

Local Moving Services 

Local moving services, also referred to as intrastate moving, generally, haul furniture and household items for people who are just moving across town or a few cities over from their original location. 

Long Distance Moving Services 

Long-distance moving services also referred to as interstate moving, move people and their belongings across states or from the US to Canada. 

International Moving Services  

International moving services move people anywhere in the world. (from Cincinnati to Hawaii, California to England, etc.) 

Options to Ship Your Household Goods 

There are numerous options available to you if you need to ship household items. You can use a reputable courier or parcel delivery service like The UPS Store or FedEx, but if you have a lot of household items, they are not likely to be your most affordable option. Here are some of the options to ship your household items: 

Local Moving Company  

Depending on how far you have to move your household items, local moving companies might be a good option for you. Depending on where your fish pickup and drop-off points are, a local moving company can cost anywhere between $800 for short inner-city moves and $5700 for long-distance moves. 

Courier or Parcel Services  

courier and parcel delivery services like FedEx and UPS can ship your item or you if you only have a little bit to ship. If you are shipping a suitcase and a few belongings in a box for example you might want to consider going to courier or parcel services to ship your household items. 

Large Moving Truck  

You can rent a large moving truck like a U-Haul to move your household items yourself. If you’re only going a short distance, this is often a quick and cost-effective way to move your household items. 

Transport by Bus  

Another option is to transport your household items by bus. Greyhound will ship boxes, and there are other bus shipping options out there, just Google them if you think that’s what’s best for your needs. 

Mini Tow Trailer 

You can invest in or rent a mini tow trailer to carry your household items to your destination. 

Moving Goods by Car  

If you are moving nearby, you could always cut costs and pack up the car a few times to deliver your household items to your destination. 

Pros and Cons of Shipping a Car and Household Goods 

Whether you need to ship your household items and vehicle to the college your daughter is going to across the US, or ship your things to another state to start a new job, you may need to ship your vehicle and your household items at some point.  

Here are some of the pros and cons of shipping a car and household goods: 

Pros of Shipping a Car and Household Goods 

  • Save Money on Costs 
  • Your Belongings and Vehicle Are Insured 
  • Fast Delivery 
  • Less Planning and Worry 
  • Saves Time 
  • Safer for You and Your Family 
  • Lower Insurance Costs 
  • Allows You to Move Multiple Vehicles 
  • Door-to-door Shipping 
  • Reliability and Professionalism 
  • Attractive Rates and Discounts 

Cons of Shipping a Car and Household Items 

  • May Take Longer than Expected 
  • May Not Be the Best Option for Short Distance Moving 

Steps of Getting Your Car and Household Goods Ready for Shipping 

There are a few items that you can’t carry in your vehicle when you ship them. While these are mostly common sense, we wanted to alert you to them anyway, so that you can avoid any delays when your vehicle is picked up for the trip. 

Be sure to remove all items such as hazardous chemicals or other flammable or potentially dangerous items from the car before the trip. Also, be sure to remove any firearms, ammo, food or liquids, and plants or animals before the trip. 

Steps of getting your car and household goods ready for shipping: 

Wash Your Vehicle 

This is an essential step in the process of getting your car and household goods ready for shipping because when the carrier driver shows up to load your vehicle, he will do a vehicle condition report with you. The report gives an account of the current condition of your vehicle including any pre-existing damages. It will be much easier to see the dents, dings, and marks if your car or truck is clean. It’s not a bad idea to note any problems before the driver arrives, so you won’t overlook them with the driver. 

Document Damages and Take Pictures 

It’s not a bad idea to note any problems before the driver arrives, so you won’t overlook them with the driver. 

Secure or Remove Any Custom Accessories 

To prevent damages to your vehicle, other vehicles, or the accessories themselves it’s always best to remove any custom accessories (luggage or bike racks, custom spoilers, antenna, side-view mirrors, etc…) from the car. 

Secure Loose Items Inside Your Vehicle 

You want to secure any loose items inside your vehicle before shipping. This includes air fresheners, change, electronics, chargers, and cables. 

Disable the Alarm 

It’s a good idea to deactivate the alarm on your card before you ship it so that the carrier driver doesn’t have to be bothered by it going off while he’s en route with your vehicle. 

Deactivate Or Remove Toll Tags 

United deactivate or remove any toll tags before the trip so that you don’t incur any fees along the way. 

Don’t Fill Up Your Gas Tank 

Try to leave your car with about 1/4 tank of gas or less gas for the driver. 

Look for Fluid Leaks 

It’s a good idea to look under the car to check for fluid leaks ahead of time so you know if there’s anything you need to alert the driver to when he gets there. 

Check Tire Pressures, Battery, and Radiator 

Check the tires are at the correct pressure, the radiator is topped off with antifreeze, and the battery is fully charged and secured. 

Repair Any Engine or Mechanical Problems 

Please have your car in good working condition unless you’ve made arrangements for the pick up of a scrap vehicle. 

How RCG will Help you to Provide Auto Relocation Service with Household Goods 

As a moving company, we understand that logistics services may fall outside your scope. At RCG, we make partnering up as easy as possible. We offer solid, seamless integration solutions with features like automated billing, speedy escalation, GPS tracking, and 24/7 support. Call now and one of our dedicated agents will be happy to walk you through our easy, five-step process so you can get started as quickly as possible! 


Whether you are moving across the US, or just to the next city, there are plenty of options for shipping your car and household goods together. RCG offers an end-to-end solution for moving companies looking to partner with RCG Logistics. Partner with us and you can enjoy shipment tracking, automatic billing, and more while you leave all the work—and the regulatory compliance and insurance to us!  


How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car? 

The price of transporting a car depends on what you’re shipping, where you’re shipping from, and how heavy your car is. Cars that weigh more than standard cars like muscle cars and older vehicles, may cost a little more to transport. 

How Far in Advance Should I Place an Order? 

To help us meet the dates you request and to get the best service, book as early as possible. Three weeks is the average lead time. We take expedited orders as well. 

Is My Vehicle Insured During Auto Transport? 

Yes. When your vehicle is on the transport carrier, it is insured up to its market value. 

Can I Ship a Truck with a Camper Shell On It? 

Yes. It is no problem for us to transport pickup trucks that have shells and other accessories covering their beds. I would appreciate it if you could specify exactly what you have on your truck in that regard.  

What if I Need to Change my Delivery? 

Things come up. We understand. If you cannot be available for your scheduled pickup time, an agent can be designated to act as your representative or you can reschedule your pickup. 

Will You Transport a Broken Down Vehicle? 

Certainly. It is, however, necessary to charge an additional fee for any vehicle that becomes or is rendered unusable for any reason during the auto transport process. Rolling, steering, and braking are all required so your driver can load the vehicle. 

About the Author: Olga Pruglo

Olga is an experienced Business Development Manager with a history of creating successful partnerships with businesses to promote mutual growth and revenue generation. For the last couple of years, she has been one of the leaders of RCG Logistics business development team, helping the company find new opportunities and solutions to meet our customers needs.


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