Why is My Shipment Late ?

When you place your order, you receive a pick-up and delivery date and time.  These are estimates and not guaranteed dates.  The shipping company gives the client an approximate window of time because unexpected circumstances can occur and delay your delivery.

Although auto transport drivers stay current on road conditions, incidences like flash traffic, road construction, and severe weather create interruptions and setbacks in the delivery. Drivers also may experience mechanical failures, such as engine problems or flat tires, and this stalls shipping. Sometimes delays occur in paperwork and shippers must wait on the client.  To avoid this hold, make sure to have all the required papers in order and on time.  Because your vehicle is shipped on the same hauler as other clients’, waiting on your order puts a lag on the entire shipment and causes delays for the other clients.

Once a pick-up is made, you will be provided with a specific delivery date. If you are late in meeting the shipper for accepting the delivery, your vehicle may need to be stored. Be aware that these accommodations are your responsibility and storage fees will be at your expense.

If you require a specific and certain pick-up and delivery date, these orders can be accommodated for an additional charge, contact us for further details.

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  1. Jordan Blake
    Jordan Blake says:

    I’ve had this situation before where the delivery was delayed substantially. Do transport companies always have tracking on their trucks or is it an extra detail on the service?

  2. Stella Morgan
    Stella Morgan says:

    There are many prospect that will cause in late shipment and a good transport company informs about the shipment status. The hurdles in the route cause the late transport.


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