What is a Bill of Lading ?

What is a Bill of Lading ?

Bill of Lading is signed on pickup and delivery.

A Bill of Lading (BOL) is a document that will be given to you by the driver who meets to pick up your vehicle. Its purpose it to serve as a receipt of your vehicle getting picked up and as a contract regarding the transport of your vehicle.

The Bill of Lading generally will have information such as:

  • Origin and Destination of the vehicle
  • Vehicle Make, Model, Year, VIN & Mileage
  • Vehicle Condition Report
  • Customer Agreement to Terms & Conditions
  • Driver Agreement to Terms & Conditions

The BOL especially documents the condition of your car before and after loading the vehicle on an auto carrier and for this reason is similar to an inspection report.  The customer is responsible for filling out the required fields on the BOL, such as providing the VIN number and contact information, and must keep a copy for his or her records.  This document is important if any problems should arise during the transit of your car and is evidence for settling disputes.

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