How to Deal With Damages

How to Deal With Damages

In an unlikely scenario that your car is damaged during transport please follow these procedures to make sure that your interests are protected and your vehicle is restored to the condition in which it was picked up.

Upon delivery of your vehicle, immediately make a thorough inspection and check for obvious damage like dents and scratches that may not have been there before.  Use the Bill of Lading or Condition Report to help you in the inspection.  Check underneath your car, the roof, and the odometer for less noticeable changes.  If you receive your vehicle after dark, make sure you find a lightsource to allow for a proper inspection. Avoid a nightime delivery if you are uncomfortable with making an inspection under such circumstances.  If you find major damages or discrepancies after shipping your vehicle, note them on the Bill of Lading and have the driver sign this report.  This document is important and will help you to handle disputes.
If your car arrived with noticeable damage:

  1. Document these damages in the Inspection Report.  Receive the driver’s signature on this report before accepting your vehicle.
  2. Bring a camera for pick-up and take photographs of the damage. Date these images and keep them as a record. (You may choose to photograph your vehicle prior to shipment.)
  3. Notify us of the situation and we will fairly and reasonably address your problem.  If you feel we did not give you a proper solution, please bring this to our attention.  We will directly improve our approach to fix the level of our client’s satisfaction.

Depending on the type of damage, cost and severity, it may be taken care of on the spot with the driver or if the damages exceed the insurance deductible an insurance claim may be filled. It is important to stay in touch with your auto shipping company all throughout the process.

About the Author: Alex Marinov

Alex Marinov is the president of RCG Logistics LLC, with years experience in the shipping and freight industry. His main interest include sustainable building design, video production and automobiles.


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