Expedited Car Shipping

Expedited Car Shipping – 5 Ways to Have You Car Moved Fast!

Major concern for many customers when getting their car shipped is timing. If a vehicle needs to be picked up a day before your flight or delivered right after you arrive  in a city across the country – timing is key. Here are five ways you can expedite car shipping & having your vehicle transported successfully..

1Order in Advance

Demand for vehicle shipping is seasonal but every lane is different. Ask a dispatcher to advise you on the best time to ship your car at the lowest price. Call in advance, we recommend giving us a 7-day notice, it is almost impossible to reserve a spot the same day. Expedited car shipping works best with adequate notice. We recommend getting 2 to 3 car shipping quotes to ensure you are getting a fair deal. 

2Be Flexible on Dates

When placing your order it is typical for the transport company to ask for a 2-day window for pick up and delivery. Delays, road hazards, weather all contribute to the unpredictable nature of the business. Keep in mind that weekend deliveries are more difficult to schedule and delivery dates are not guaranteed but estimated.

3Receive Nearby

Delivering your car straight to your door may not always be possible within a particular time frame. Trucks are always making multiple picks and drops, propose to have your car dropped off at a major nearby city en route. Consider this option if timing is especially important and discuss with a dispatcher the details of your shipment.

4Avoid Surprises

Accurately describe the condition of the your vehicle when placing an order. If you suspect that your vehicle may be non-running or if you plan on shipping your personal items in your car please let us know in advance. If your car is modified: raised, lowered, has a roof rack or a large spoiler please provide that information at the time of booking. Drivers may refuse to load your car if it does not match their expectations.

5Pay More Money

This last point should not be a surprise, but auto transport companies are in business to make money. If 4 of the previous ways don’t get your move expedited this last one surely will. When you are working with a broker propose to pay more to the carrier to make your car more appealing. For comparison and planning purposes you can get a cost to ship a car on our quote page.

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  1. Louisville Auto Transport
    Louisville Auto Transport says:

    I agree that there are some responsibilities of car owner for expedited car shipping like book in advance and inform Auto Transport Company about your requirement.

  2. USAInterCargo
    USAInterCargo says:

    I think one point is missing. You can move your car quickly, but still important to spend time in order to find a proper shipping company and avoid scum.

  3. John
    John says:

    After reading the article, it seems like communication is important when shipping a car. The article mentions that some trucks may not be able to deliver right to your doorstep, so you need to be flexible in drop off locations. These are all good tips to know since my wife and I will be moving across the country later this summer and we may need a car hauling service to help get our cars to our new home.

  4. Danny layman
    Danny layman says:

    I do agree with the fact that we should order in advance in order to move our vehicle without any major problems. However, the bottom line is that we should choose a reliable moving company. In order to select such type of moving company, we should do proper research on the internet and choose the best one. Apart from this, we could also ask our friends and family members before selecting such a reliable moving company. We could also visit the physical address of the moving company and provide them the detail of belongings in order to make sure a successful moving of the vehicle.

  5. Robert
    Robert says:

    I totally agree, shipping time is always of prime concern to customers and salespeople, and especially to a car, and with the 5 ways you get for quick carriage will help. This makes it easier

  6. Mathew T. Barnes
    Mathew T. Barnes says:

    It is a good habit to check whether the company is offering you the shipping services at an affordable cost? Have a look at the company website and view the customer’s feedback and ratings. This will help you in determining what services the company is offering so that you can choose which company suits you for your shipment.

  7. Harry
    Harry says:

    The main point is that to be flexible with dates and avoid weekends, For a swift delivery paying extra is a good option. I like this guide though.


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