Bimmerfest 2012 – Los Angeles, CA

Bimmerfest 2012 – Los Angeles, CA

With over 2500 of the finest Bavarian spectacles present the vendors, tuners, dealers and the thousands of enthusiasts made Bimmerfest 2012 the biggest gathering in it’s 9 year history. There were booths, showrooms, models and even Lamborghini’s. From old to young this years Bimmerfest had something to wow everyone. From the tiny commuters of the 40’s to the yet-to-be revealed to the public 2013 M6 there where couple, sedans and convertibles from every decade of the highly recognized German auto maker.

Everyone who’s anyone in the BMW tuning game came out to show off their latest and greatest in performance parts and body aesthetics. Names like HPF Performance and VF Engineering showed off their huge horsepower beasts as crowds gathered to take pictures next their respective all out race cars.

M6 Convertible Front

This year’s event sparked the interest of BMW of North America and none other that Ludwig Willisch made a guest appearance to address the loyal brand followers about the future plans of the M division and show off the only 2013 M6 currently in the country. The spectators listened in awe as the President of the company described his experience personally testing the soon to be released flagship coupe. As the crowed demanded to hear the heart of the beast rev through its power band, many were left unimpressed, comparing the new twin turbo V8 to its predecessors normally aspirated F1-like V10.

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