16 Proven Ways for Moving Companies to Get Leads 

16 Proven Ways for Moving Companies to Get Leads 

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The relocation industry is very competitive. Anyone looking for moving services has a long list of companies to choose from which makes it challenging for a moving company that wants to stand out.  

Not so many years ago, it would have been word of mouth that helped people find the moving services they needed. Nowadays, however, 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information, which makes digital marketing essential for moving company lead generation and making sure there’s a steady flow of them.  

It doesn’t matter where your moving company is located, leads are essential for its survival. Without a dependable way to generate those relocation leads, your company’s survival is at stake. 

If you’re wondering how to promote your moving company, this blog is for you. The following ideas will help you attract more customers and regularly generate local moving leads.  

Why Leads Are Critical for the Success of Your Moving Business 

Moving companies have a specific customer base and the users of moving services don’t need them regularly. Thousands of people relocate every day, but they’re not the same people, which is why moving companies need to gather as many moving leads as they can. In addition, generating leads has the potential to: 

  • Get more high-paying moving jobs 
  • Increase company revenue 
  • Grow your moving business 

16 Ways to Consistently Get Moving Leads 

Now you appreciate the importance of generating leads, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways you can do it.  

1. Pay Per Click – Google AdWords and Bing Ads 

There are several Pay Per Click (PPC) options, but the most popular are Google Ads and Bing Ads. They are both great ways to generate leads for moving companies.  

Google and Bing Ads are the ones you see above your search results. There’s no mistaking them as they are clearly marked “Ad”.  

One of the benefits of this type of moving company advertising is that it’s possible to target specific keywords people are searching. That way, you’ll show up when someone is searching specifically for movers in your area.  

However, there is an important requirement if you want to make the most of this type of moving company ads. The success of a PPC advertising campaign relies very heavily on a website’s ability to convert any clicks into leads.  

For this to happen requires a certain amount of flexibility. Plus, you also need to be able to track and test your PPC campaigns as this can help drive the cost of each conversion down.   

2. Thumbtack 

Thumbtack is a website and app that lets users research, hire, rate, and review local service providers for free.  

Potential customers fill out a form telling Thumbtack what they need to be done and this information is sent to service companies that have Thumbtack accounts in the area. Service providers are then given the opportunity to send the lead a quote and message.  

The service is free for consumers and when you create a moving company account, you’re charged a few bucks every time you send a quote to the customer.  

3. Billy.com 

Billy.com is similar to Thumbtack, but more of an older-generation model. Users tell Billy what home service is required and those leads are then sent to home service companies who contact the lead and provide a quote. It costs just a couple of dollars to bid on a job.  

Reports are that it’s not very user-friendly plus the leads tend to be low quality, but it’s still a decent enough way to get moving broker leads. 

4. MovingCompayReviews.com 

MovingCompanyReviews is very similar to Thumbtack but only focuses on moving companies. The way it works is also very similar. When a user visits the website, they provide details of their move. Those details are then sent to local moving companies who have the opportunity to contact the customer and provide a quote.  

To be a member, you pay a small monthly fee. In addition, you pay a few extra dollars for every lead.  

5. Build Your Brand Image 

A moving company’s brand image is important because other marketing and advertising strategies may not reach potential customers at that crucial moment.  

You might be pleasantly surprised by the number of direct moving leads you get in the long term. The people who get in touch might have seen your trucks on the highway, your uniformed crews in the neighborhood, picked up your business card from somewhere or stumbled across your social media profile by accident.  

Branding doesn’t have to be in your face and can be subtle. However, it can be a major influencer when consumers are trying to decide which moving company to hire.  

6. Referrals 

The customers of your moving company are a very valuable resource when it comes to advertising your business. There is the potential to turn every one of your customers into an advocate for your brand. 

Moving can be a very stressful process, but if you deliver a professional service you’ve got the chance to turn the customer into a fan who will happily spread the word and provide referral business.  

However, you may have to give them a little nudge by thanking them for choosing you and letting them know how crucial referrals are for your business. A customer-referral program might also help.    

7. Networking – with Realtors, the Community, other Moving Companies, Storage Facilities, Apartment Complexes 

Networking is another valuable way to generate leads for moving companies. Many different professionals are involved in the moving process, for example, realtors, property managers, home inspectors, lenders, and even other moving companies.  

Networking channels include LinkedIn and Facebook. Email marketing is another way of connecting, along with networking at real estate events.  

You can also network with your local community online. Check Facebook for local groups and simply be sociable. When people know what you do and that you run a moving company, there’s a huge potential for generating leads.   

8. Link Building 

Link building is an important strategy for any local business. It helps with SEO and keeps referral traffic flowing to your website.  

However, you do need to make sure the leads are of the best quality. “Shop local” websites are very effective. These business directory websites list deals or rewards that local businesses are offering customers.  

Here’s a quick tip: Find your local “Shop Local” website, offer a deal, for example, 10% off the moving price, and get your brand listed.  

9. Partnership and Collaborations 

Partnering with other businesses in the area or those that are connected to the moving industry can win you some significant brownie points.  

The “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” approach is beneficial for both parties. What is another service people need when moving house? They can’t fit their car in a moving truck and driving it to their new home is not usually an option, which means they need help moving their car. So, why not partner with an auto relocation service?  

Partners and collaborators send moving leads in your direction and you can then return the favor by sending leads their way.  

10. Business Listings and Reviews 

An increasing number of consumers put their trust in online customer reviews and the company information they find online. What this means for business owners is that they have to invest time and effort in creating public profiles.  

For moving companies, it means looking for business listing websites that are relevant to the relocation industry. Increasing the number of business listings means you’re growing your online presence.  

Just having a listing is not enough as you also need to focus on boosting positive testimonials and reviews of your company. People take the opinions of others very seriously  

11. Social Media Platforms 

Social media platforms have become one of the primary channels for influencing customers. For moving companies, these platforms can be very beneficial in terms of securing new leads.  

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to create a profile or page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other platform. What matters is getting your company out there because these platforms have become a source of information for consumers.   

12. Facebook Advertising and Retargeting 

iStock 1307787976
Websites (marketing and advertisement homepages) of the most popular websites in the world – Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram on a computer screen.

Facebook can be an excellent platform for marketing your moving business, but its success will depend on how well you lay out your campaigns. The challenge is that most people who visit Facebook aren’t necessarily looking for moving companies at that particular time. They tend to chat with friends and family and catch up on the latest gossip.  

Facebook is different from Google. Facebook visitors aren’t looking up “movers near me” like they might be on Google. When a person searches on Google, they are looking for a particular service.  

So, why do Facebook ads make sense for a moving company?  

  • Facebook’s reach is massive. For example, the number of daily active Facebook users worldwide as of Q1, 2022 was around 1.7 billion. 
  • Facebook ads are excellent for raising your brand awareness.  
  • Facebook ads are very affordable. 
  • If you’ve got the time, you can create your own Facebook Ads. 
  • Facebook Ads are extremely targetable which increases their chance of success.  
  • Retargeting is a way of improving the performance of your Facebook Ads     

13. SEM and SEO Strategies – Local and Organic 

Get your moving business on Page One of Google and there’s not much that can better this strategy if it’s sales leads you’re looking for.  

It’s possible to get leads for your moving company consistently by optimizing your website for search terms that your customers commonly use.  

One of the most exciting things about SEO and SEM is that once the basis of your website is set and you’re getting on page one, the moving leads will keep coming in and it costs nothing. After all, Google is the first place most of your future customers will go when they’re looking for a moving company. 

14. Sponsorship Deals 

Sponsorship deals are very effective at generating leads for moving companies. For example, when you sponsor a sports club or team, fans will see your company name and logo and generate a positive impression that is ideal for winning leads. 

If one of those fans finds themselves in need of a moving company when planning their next relocation, they’re bound to consider a moving company that sponsors their favorite club.  

It doesn’t have to be a sports club either. Sponsorship is just as effective when it comes to popular events, historical buildings, music halls, or cultural organizations.    

15. Email Marketing 

Referrals and previous customers are the easiest leads you can get. There tends to be very little competition because these leads have had a personal recommendation or already have experience of working with your company.  

A great way to make the most of repeat and referral customs is to provide an excellent service and then email these customers regularly. By keeping in touch, you’re keeping your brand at the front of their minds and growing your referral and repeat business. 

In addition, keep in touch with real estate professionals, home lenders, property managers, and others connected with the moving industry.   

16. Make Your Moving Trucks Billboards 

Don’t forget you’ve got your very own moving billboard in the shape of your fleet of moving trucks. Here are some ideas: 

  • When there’s a large event taking place locally, such as a local concert or fair, find a location nearby where you can park a truck legally. Attendees will see your truck as they walk by.  
  • If there’s a freeway or road with high volumes of traffic, find a location where you can legally park your truck for all the community to see.  
  • Rather than leaving your trucks sitting idle in the lot all day, work out where you can take them so they get lots of viewers. 
  • Remember to take pictures and videos when you’re moving customers and use them on your website and social media profiles.   
  • Don’t give up too soon as it may take some time before you see any benefit.  

Final Thoughts  

If you want to enjoy some success in the moving industry it all boils down to you getting a consistent flow of leads for your moving company.  

When it comes to business development, marketing is a tool you must take advantage of. Because of the level of competition and the fact that potential customers don’t look for a moving company until they need one, marketing tactics and efforts are key to your company’s success.  

A combination of the ideas above will likely generate the most leads for your moving company, as long as you’re prepared to put in the effort.   

About the Author: Olga Pruglo

Olga is an experienced Business Development Manager with a history of creating successful partnerships with businesses to promote mutual growth and revenue generation. For the last couple of years, she has been one of the leaders of RCG Logistics business development team, helping the company find new opportunities and solutions to meet our customers needs.


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