Enclosed Car Transport

Premium alternative to conventional car shipping services. When choosing to ship enclosed you get an assurance that your vehicle will arrive in the exact same condition it left, protected from road hazards & weather – as well as added peace of mind due to higher insurance coverage.

Enclosed Transport Features

When looking to transport your vintage vehicle or a sports car in showroom condition enclosed is the best way to go. Enclosed car trailers are custom made to accommodate vehicles with low ground clearance with the use of hydraulic lift gates. Furthermore, shipping enclosed dramatically decreases the likelihood of your car being damaged in transit as it will not be exposed to unexpected hazards at any point of the shipment.

  • Drop Floors – to fit more cars and provide better value
  • Lift Gate – to load cars with minimal ground clearance
  • Climate Controlled – to prevent weather damage, cold or heat
  • Higher Insurance Coverage – in case the unthinkable happens
  • Secure Straps – Straps are used instead of chains to protect suspension

Lift Gate Enclosed Trailer

Enclosed Trailer Equipped with a Lift Gate

Cost to Ship Enclosed

Enclosed auto carriers are limited in space & can only carry between 2 – 7 vehicles. In addition the specialized equipment is more expensive to obtain and service. Ensuring the extra protection to your vehicle requires more experienced drivers & will always cost more. On average enclosed rates are about 40% more expensive than traditional auto transport. Enclosed shipping is recommended for transporting classics, ultra-luxury or custom show cars.

Hard side enclosed trailers protect from: rough weather, fly away debris, rocks, dirt, fluid drips, glass damage & other hazards.

Hard-side vs Soft-side Enclosed

If given a choice always choose hard-side. While soft-side is a better alternative to open car haulers it will not provide all of the benefits of a fully enclosed trailer. In addition, soft-side enclosed trailers are usually a bit cheaper to book but are not always equipped with a lift gate and do not protect from dust and frost.

Find out how much it will cost to ship your car in the safest way possible.

Ship your vehicle ENCLOSED

  • Vehicle has little ground clearance
  • Exterior needs weather protection
  • Irreplaceable car or a rare exotic


Ship your vehicle OPEN

  • Constrained by time
  • Looking for best value
  • The vehicle is too large