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At RCG Logistics, we are passionate about providing quality car transportation services. We prioritize safety by controlling all elements of the shipping process whether an order is being transported a few miles locally or a car is being shipped across country. Our goal is provide unmatched level of service from quoting to scheduling and delivering.

We manage a network of over 5000 qualified car haulers ready to ship 1 car or 20, anywhere in the country safely and on time. Carrier selection is critical to delivering top results. Our trained dispatchers match the right driver with the right shipment to provide safe and cost effective solutions. We offer: openenclosed & inoperable North Carolina car shipping solutions.

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In North Carolina we ship vehicles for a wide range of customers, including dealers, auctions and private individuals. We strive to provide maximum flexibility by offering convenient storage location, expedited pickups while providing shipping to anywhere in the country. North Carolina is located along the major shipping corridor of I-95 & I-40, significant number of car haulers pass through the state on cross-country trips especially on the way to Florida and New Jersey during the snowbirds season.