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San Francisco, CA, is one of the most visited cities in the world and is also the most densely settled city in California. Lots of tourists make their way to this beautiful city each year, in search of city landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, the world-famous Chinatown, or the island that was once a prison, Alcatraz.

With a limited amount of room to navigate in traffic, San Francisco is one of the more difficult cities to ship a car to and from, which creates a higher demand and price. The geographical structure of the city doesn’t help, as the hills throughout the city make it difficult for the truckers to navigate.

Over 860,000 people live in the city of San Francisco. Populous cities attract drivers because it is easy for them to find cars to ship to and from the city.

So although it may seem the demand for the price would be immense, the number of vehicles being shipped lower the price to a favorable rate. 

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Frequently asked questions when shipping a vehicle from/to San Francisco. 

How many days does it take to transport my car from San Francisco? 

It all depends on the distance of the move. Typically when thinking of San Francisco car shipping from West to East, the time in transit to expect is 7-8 days. SF to the midwest will be about 4-5 days, anything in the Utah/Colorado area expect a 2-3 day wait and anything in the state of California should arrive the next day. 

What happens if my car is damaged when being loaded or in transit?

It is important to thoroughly inspect the vehicle when you accept it and make sure to note it on the inspection report prior to getting the driver’s signature. Taking pictures will also help your case(make sure to have them dated) and the last step is to of course let us know. We are here to provide you with a service and will make sure to take care of you throughout the entire claims process.

What type of damage is not covered?

Every insurance policy has limitation on what they will and won’t cover. Because we work with so many different trucking companies the quality of those policies can vary accordingly. Most common exclusions are rock chips, road hazards, glass damage and weather related damages. Shipping your vehicle enclosed, while more expensive does provide more comprehensive coverage with different limitations.

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Why Choose RCG Logistics?

Expertise and Value

Our logistics experts and drivers are specifically trained to handle diverse types of motorcycles, from sports bikes to cruisers.  All our drivers are equipped with the correct soft straps, and ramps to properly self-load/unload regardless of the motorcycle’s condition.  

Vendor Network

We have over 35,000 vetted and certified carriers in our nationwide network. By providing fair market pricing and quick payment and shipping terms, we have a 97% delivery success rate. Our logistic experts work directly with you and the carrier from pickup to delivery to resolve any issues and ensure a smooth, transparent experience.

Customer Experience

We’ve transported millions of motorcycles in any condition, and we have the expertise to do it right. All our carriers are fully equipped, insured, and trained to move all types of motorcycles. At RCG we will treat your asset as if it’s our own and ensure that it is delivered in the same condition as when it was picked up.

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