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The Golden Coast at its greatest form can be seen from the beaches of San Diego. The warm breezy weather attracts millions of visitors and is actually the 8th largest city in the United States. Many different types of exotic cars are found traveling through the city as the warm weather brings in the flashy atmosphere of convertibles. When thinking of San Diego Car Shipping, it is best to consider the location of the city being so close to the mexican border and just south of Los Angeles, one of the busiest cities in regards to car shipping. For the right price, the carriers will drop down to San Diego to pickup a car and transport it to any city throughout the states. Thinking to ship your vehicle from San Diego? Check the prices of moving a vehicle from Los Angeles first, it might be worth it for you to drive it up the 120 miles and take an uber back.

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The downtown district of San Diego, California shot after a storm at sunset from an altitude of approximately 300 feet during a helicopter photo flight.

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Frequently asked questions
when shipping a vehicle from/to San Diego.

How many days does it take to transport my car from San Diego?

It all depends on the distance of the move. From West to East, the time in transit to expect is 7-8 days. San Diego to the midwest will be about 4-5 days, anything in the Utah/Colorado area expect a 2-3 day wait and anything in the state of California should arrive the next day.

What happens if my car is damaged when being loaded or in transit?

It is important to thoroughly inspect the vehicle when you accept it and make sure to note it on the inspection report prior to getting the driver’s signature. Taking pictures will also help your case(make sure to have them dated) and the last step is to of course let us know. We are here to provide you with a service and will make sure to take care of you throughout the entire claims process.

Are you able to ship an inoperable vehicle(s)?

Yes. This comes with a cost as drivers charge more money for cars that do not start. It is ideal for you to at least have the key for the vehicle so the driver can switch the car into neutral to winch it up on his trailer. The reason for the upcharge is because once your vehicle is loaded, the drivers cannot move it around on the trailer when making other deliveries, they have to build the entire load around picking up your car last and making it there first delivery.