Asset Recovery & Remarketing

Remarketing Assistance

We provide you with flexibility to move any vehicle, running or not anywhere in the country. When looking to transport cars to auctions from repo lots or selling units at higher price at a different city contact us for a quote. We work with your remarketing department to improve your bottom line without annual contracts.

Exclusive logistics partner to non-prime auto financing institutions, we are members of the National Automotive Finance Association – RCG Logistics is committed to serving the financial industry with our comprehensive network of nationwide auto transporters.

Repossession Industry

Asset recovery is a challenging and competitive business that we understand. We know that you are under pressure from your clients, be it a lenders, dealers or the borrowers – we deliver cars asap. Leading national repossession companies trust RCG Logisitcs to handle their auto transportation needs. Since 2005 we shipped over 50,000 vehicles to clients all over United States.

  • Leading Repossession companies use RCG Logistics for their transportation needs
  • Experts at picking up from Repo companies with restricted hours
  • We handle cars without keys, non-running, and heavily damaged vehicles
  • Simple pricing structure
  • Efficient data exchange and integration with RDN & AutoIMS

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Saving Money & Time
Ship Directly from Repo Yards


Our talented & trained team understands your business to deliver results you expects at best possible terms.


We have access to cutting edge transportation management software to enable efficient and accurate updates as well as EDI to save you time.


Largest network of over 5000 active carriers nationwide – largest number of top tier service providers in the industry.


In business since 2005 – we never stop improving, adapting new technology and methods to deliver excellent service.


When you need up to the minute updates count on us to answer your calls and emails. We start early – end late and work weekends.


We only ship cars – no bundling of packages. Our only goal is to deliver your cars ASAP at best prices. Running, no-keys or even damaged.