A car that is not running due to mechanical issues can still be transported. Mechanical issues may be a result of engine disrepair, drive-line problems or electrical problems. To make sure that the proper equipment is used for transportation, it is imperative the condition of the vehicle is fully disclosed.



Alls cars must be able to roll freely to be loaded on and off the transport truck. Certain multi-car and wedge trailers will have steep inclines thus a winch may be used to assist in loading.

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It is not uncommon for a driver to have to reload cars and move them around on the trailer during the transportation. This means that a vehicle must be maneuverable and have functional steering.

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Because trailers have steep grades, it is an important safety concern that a car has functioning brakes to avoid causing damage to itself and other cars. If the primary brakes are malfunctioning the emergency brakes may be used.