Trucking industry: How technology is the key to the future

Trucking industry: How technology is the key to the future

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written by: Noah Edis

Despite the $700 billion trucking industry’s role in transporting 70% of all goods across the United States, technology has been seen as a cost center rather than a strategic investment. As a result, processes become inefficient, drivers lack retention, and working conditions are more challenging than they should be. 

Fortunately, that is beginning to change, with trucking companies finally waking up to the potential of technology to help them run their businesses more efficiently and profitably.

In an era where technology is now being embraced, the trucking industry must go beyond the basic transportation management software tools and adopt technology platforms. Tools like Trukt will help drive innovation and business growth.

Trucking technology encompasses many areas: analytics, data management, application development and extension tools, integration, and intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Let’s explore how technology is changing the trucking industry and how this evolution will be necessary for you to operate a successful trucking business.

New Tech in the Trucking Industry

Technology in 2022 has evolved significantly to help boost industries, and the trucking industry is no exception.

From safety improvements to digital automation, sustainability, data analytics, and more, technology is elevating trucking businesses to reach new heights in efficiency, safety, and productivity. 

Let’s look at the innovative ways technology is changing the trucking industry.

Improved Vehicle Safety

The trucking industry accounts for most of the transportation sector, carrying more cargo than planes, ships, and trains. A higher number of trucks means a heightened likelihood of accidents, with around 130,000 road accidents caused by trucks alone yearly.

Driver safety has become a top priority in the transportation industry because of this heightened risk, and safety features are being added to all vehicles. The aim is to protect all drivers and cargo and keep a safe driving environment.

Said technologies employed on trucks include driver alert systems for fatigue, automatic emergency braking (AEB), forward collision detection warnings via cameras and LiDAR sensor technology, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for vehicle stabilization, and advanced rearview cameras. 

Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Trucking

There has been a lot of criticism against the transport industry for contributing to about a fifth of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, more businesses, including the trucking industry, are going green in response to the rising threat of global warming.  

As the transport industry strives to reduce its carbon footprint, there are now more ways than ever to be sustainable and energy-efficient. A compelling example is the use of Electric Vehicles (EVs), which has crushed the preconceived notion that these are only limited in form and are not sustainable for the trucking industry.

Forward-thinking trucking businesses are also considering using low-emission trucks that can gradually replace diesel trucks. Trucks that run on diesel are a major source of pollution, so alternatives also contribute to protecting the environment in the long run. 

Transportation Data Analytics 

Using big data analytics, trucking companies can define travel routes, detect questionable infrastructure, and even estimate travel times, to name only a few.

These analyses can be based on data from various sources: the vehicles themselves, fleet management and maintenance, financial management, human resources, and other business areas that can contribute to overall system improvement.

5G network infrastructure and IoT devices can also help create a more energy-efficient and cost-friendly system. In the transportation industry, 5G will provide end-to-end connectivity across various communication methods, enhancing and stabilizing IoT services.

Transportation Management Software

The days of basic software tools are long gone; instead, new and more advanced tools are being developed. These tools are aimed at disrupting the system, and the transportation sector as a whole, by bringing about innovation across many facets of the industry.

A technology platform for trucking businesses will allow the integration of intelligent technologies such as AI, machine learning, and IoT to analyze data, manage databases, and develop customized applications and enhancements that will allow trucking companies to grow and innovate. The company’s growth will ultimately be facilitated by using cutting-edge intelligent technologies.

For instance, clients will be able to place their orders with you via an internal app containing all the trucks you have in stock, the schedule, and so forth. 

The entire process is completely automated, including the upfront payment, the confirmation of delivery, and information about the driver and their location.

From delivering a modern user experience to managing workloads and data, developing a technology platform with your business has endless possibilities.

Boost Your Business with Trukt

Ready to step into the future? Boost your business with Trukt, a technology platform that goes beyond the usual TMS systems. Trukt enables you to create software solutions for multiple aspects of your business and can help you see those solutions through to completion.

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