RCG Offers New Top-Rated Drayage and Intermodal Services

RCG Offers New Top-Rated Drayage and Intermodal Services

Aerial drone view of a container ship navigating beneath a semi truck crossing a suspension bridge.

RCG Offers New Top-Rated Drayage and Intermodal Services to Tackle Common Supply Chain Challenges

Port congestion, long delivery times, and cost inefficiencies have been common pain points for customers’ supply chains over the years. That is why at RCG Logistics we are proud to tackle these challenges with our new top-rated drayage and intermodal services. 

In RCG drayage solutions customers will find several key differentiators, including: 

• Dedicated Customer Service Team Available 24/7 

• Access to a vast 16,000 UIIA-certified network of carriers 

• Intermodal Ramp-to-Ramp and Door-to-Door Solutions 

• Port Door-to-Door Solutions 

• Same-day deliveries 

• Multi-Stop Deliveries 

• Yard Storage for heavy import volume 

• Warehouse Storage 

• Import forecasting 

• Container Aging reporting 

• Internal Reload Options (Pending location) 

These adaptive delivery solutions give you the option of when and how you want your products delivered, and our partnership with over 16k UIIA-certified carriers provides swift chassis availability ensuring your containers are not held up due to a lack of equipment. 

For CEO Vick Kuzmenko, in RCGs core is the commitment to providing the highest quality drayage services in the industry, with a belief that “every client deserves a supply chain that works for them, not against them.”  

With these new drayage and intermodal services, we aim to help our clients focus on what they do best – running their businesses. 

RCG Logistics. 

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