How Much Does It Cost To Move Out Of State?

How Much Does It Cost To Move Out Of State?

Are you considering moving out of state? Learn about the cost to move out of state and the various factors that influence the cost.

Are you considering moving out of state? Learn about the cost to move out of state and the various factors that influence the cost.

The cost of moving to another state can vary, depending on several factors. In general, moving to another state will run you somewhere between $750 to several thousand dollars depending on where you are moving, how you are getting your belongings to your destination, how you are moving your cars, and several other factors. 

In this guide, we’ll help you figure out the cost of moving to another state with an easy-to-read table, so you can pick up the expenses you need from the list and add them together to get your total. We will also be answering a few questions about moving out of state, such as how to ship your car, the cost factors involved, and some sample costs to move across different states, to give you an idea of what it’s going to cost you to make your move. 

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cost to move out of state
Cost to move out of state

Average Cost of Moving to Another State 

Whether you got an employee relocation package with your company, or you’ve just landed a job in another state if you were wondering, “What does moving out of state move cost?” this should answer that question for you. Several factors can influence the cost of moving to another state, including the size of your shipment, what you’re taking with you, and the distance, among others.  

However, the average cost of moving to another state ranges from $2,500 to $6,500. Long-distance relocations can cost between $1,000 and $9,200, depending on the distance and size of the move, and short, local moves can cost between $700 and $3,000. 

How to Calculate Moving Costs? 

Some essential factors can come into play that will affect your moving costs. For the most part, write everything down on a list, and then once you’ve got everything figured in, add it up to get your total. 

Cost Factors for an Out-of-State Move 

Here are the most important factors to consider: 

Packing Supplies 

Boxes of various sizes, plastic bins, shipping tape, duct tape or strapping tape, masking tape for labeling, scissors, box cutters, stickers or labels, permanent sharpie markers for labeling, colored markers for color coding your rooms, etc. You also may want to consider bubble wrap, packing paper, hand truck or dollies, gloves, rope, twine, tie-downs, and bungee cords. Felt pads protect your new floors while moving large furniture into your new home. 

Distance Traveling 

Moving costs increase with distance. (see chart below) 

Auto Shipping 

Auto-shipping is not offered by all movers, and it will cost you more. It can take a week or longer to ship your car from one coast to the other. Due to our connection to an international network of over 35,000 transporters, RCG Logistics can get you the best rates on auto shipping.  

Vehicle Driver 

Hiring a moving company’s driver will cost extra. 

Days of Vehicle Usage 

The amount of time that you need your rental truck should be considered in the cost. 

Packing Services 

Moving companies can pack and move your belongings for an additional fee. 

Moving Services 

Choosing a full-service moving company can save you time and money. 

Liability Insurance 

Liability insurance provided by your moving company will cover you in full or in part. To be sure, ask them about how your belongings are insured and compare prices and rates from outside coverage providers.  

Temporary Storage 

It is not uncommon for people to temporarily store some or all of their belongings during a move. Temporary storage should always be located close to your new home, so you will be more likely to go pick it up. 

Seasonal Rates 

Moving during the weekend or the peak season will cost more. You can save money by moving during the week, preferably off-season in Autumn, Winter, and Early Spring. 

Number of Rooms 

A moving company’s quote is typically calculated based on the number of rooms being moved. Weight increases with the size of the load. Costs may increase as a result.  

Additional Moving Costs and Fees to Consider 

Here are some additional factors that may affect your cost: 

Debris Removal 

For an additional fee, some movers can remove discarded packing supplies after a move. 

Elevators and Stairs 

Moving companies will usually charge flat fees for homes that require elevator access or require moving your belongings upstairs. 

Long Carry and Shuttle Charges 

For homes that are difficult to access with large moving trucks and trailers, long carry and shuttle surcharges may apply.  

Additional Services 

Pet relocation assistance, handyman services, appliance installation, and temporary housing assistance are services that many moving companies can coordinate for an additional fee.  

Bulky Item Surcharges 

Bulky items are often charged extra by full-service movers. There is a wide range of equipment in this category, including pianos, pool tables, hot tubs, and exercise machines.  

How Much Do Movers Cost? 

Depending on the size of your home, out-of-state professional movers will charge between $1000 and $9200. There may be additional costs for special or fragile items, but the chart below provides an idea of what you can expect to pay if you hire movers: 

Movers Costs Chart: 

Distance 1 Bedroom 2 – 3 Bedroom 4 – 5 Bedroom 
100 Miles  

$1000 – $1500  

$1250 – $1700  

$1500 – $3400 
250 Miles $1200 – $2000 
$1,400 – $4,400 
$3,200 – $6,200 
1000 Miles$1400 – $2900 
$2,100 – $5,100 
$5,700 – $8,700 
2000 Miles $1800 – $3700 $2,400 – $5,400 $6,200 – $9,200 
How Much Does It Cost To Move Out Of State?

Sample Costs for Interstate Moves 

Often, the largest states have the most moves each year. States such as Florida, Texas, California, and New York generally have the highest moves in and out of state. But no matter where you’re moving to or from, we’ve got a few examples below of the cost to move to different states, just to give you an idea of the distance the people are traveling and the amount that is costing them, so you can relate that to your move! 

Here are some sample costs for interstate moves: (based on the cost of moving a 2-bedroom house worth of belongings) 

Interstate Moves Cost Chart 

 Moving From Moving To Cost for Professional Movers Cost of Moving Yourself Using a Rental Truck  
California Texas
$3,013 – $5,974 

$1,142 – $1,542
New York 
$4,373 – $7,698 
$2,308 – $2,915 
New York 
$2,567 – $5,801 
$1,107 – $1,494 
$2,567 – $5,801 
$914 – $1,234 
$3,464 – $6,870 
$1,200 – $1,516 
Interstate Moves Cost Chart 

What’s the Average Cost to Ship a Car to Another State? 

If you’re planning a move, you may want to know how much it will cost to ship your car to another state. But due to the factors that affect the price of auto shipping, (below) getting an estimate for auto shipping from a reputable car shipping company is recommended. To get the best prices possible, try to get your auto shipping quote 1-2 months before your planned move date. 

Just like with moving, several critical factors will determine the cost of shipping a car across the country, including: 

  • Distance between pickup and drop-off locations 
  • Your car’s make, model, and size. The cost of transporting larger vehicles will be higher 
  • Car weight 
  • Car transportation company itself 
  • Coverage provided by car insurance 

How to Lower Your Interstate Moving Cost  

Moving to a new state is time-consuming, stressful, and costly enough as it is. But thankfully, there are ways to cut your costs if you think it out in advance and prepare properly. The following tips will help you save money when you’re moving to a new home, regardless of whether you’re moving across town or the country.  

Pack Your Belongings  

In addition to speeding up the moving process, hiring professional packers can add to the expense as well. The cost of hiring a professional packer can reach several hundred dollars. Pack your belongings and put that extra cash in your pocket. 

Get Boxes from Your Local Grocery Stores 

Buying moving boxes is not cheap if you’ve got a lot of stuff to move! Before you start packing, seek out free moving boxes from grocery stores, Craigslist, Freecycle, U-Haul Box Exchange, local liquor stores, recycling drop-off points, and schools is a great way to save hundreds on moving boxes! 

Look for Discounts on Moving Supplies 

Avoid spending big bucks on bubble wrap and supplies by looking online ahead of time for coupons and deals on tape, dolly rentals, etc. This can put even more money back in your pocket! 

Avoid Seasonal Moves 

When hiring any company that ships items or has to travel a long distance, the date and time of your move can impact the cost of your move. It is best to avoid moving during the “peak moving season” between May and August. Try to move between September and April during a midweek, mid-month period. In the middle of the week and at the end of the month, demand is usually the lowest. As a result, your costs will also be lower.  

Read Any Contracts You Sign Carefully 

Make sure to carefully review the movers’ contract once you’ve selected a professional moving company. It is important to consider and examine your options carefully when it comes to liability and insurance.  

Get Your Tax Deductible 

Be sure to save your receipts! Come next tax season; you might be able to save a bundle because of your move. Using the IRS Form 3903 can help you claim your moving expenses as a deduction on your federal income tax return if you move because of your job. To learn more about moving expenses, check out TurboTax’s guide to handling moving expenses. 

Remove Unwanted Items 

Since weight is one of the main factors that affect the cost of your interstate move, getting rid of clutter and unwanted items ahead of time could only lower the cost. Throw whatever you don’t need away if it can’t be donated or sold in a garage sale. 


Hopefully, this information has answered your question, “How Much Does It Cost To Move Out Of State?” Just using the tips in this article, you can save thousands on moving expenses. Just plan, use all of the tips to lower your interstate moving cost, and have a safe and happy move! Oh, and don’t forget that RCG Logistics can get you the best price and zero-down bookings for auto shipping! 

If you’ve found this information helpful, please give us a share on social media so it can help others, too! 

Take care! 

Out of State Moving FAQs. 

Is It Cheaper to Perform a Diy Move? 

In short, you can pull off a DIY move cheaper than hiring movers, but it takes some careful planning and work to pull off. Lower the cost of your intrastate move by following the tips on this page. 

How Far in Advance Should You Hire Movers? 

Ideally, you should hire movers at least two weeks before the move.  

Do Moving Companies Insure My Belongings? 

It is the moving company’s responsibility to shoulder the risk of transporting the goods. Make sure you know what kind of insurance coverage they’ll be offering. Two kinds are currently available.  

Full (Replacement) Value Protection: Your goods are fully covered by this comprehensive policy. The mover must repair, replace, or pay you the cost of your goods in the event your goods are destroyed, damaged, or lost

Liability Protection: Liability at an alternative level is the second type. You are only provided with a limited amount of protection under this type of policy. For example, it may only compensate you a few dollars per pound or kilo lost, but never the entire amount  

Do Moving Containers or Truck Rentals Make More Sense? 

Despite the benefits of using a moving container when moving, DIY moves are a great way to save money. Moving with a truck rental is the cheapest option. You will have to drive the truck yourself, unlike a moving container company. Moving will, however, depend on your budget and needs. 

How Long Does it take to Move Cross-country on Average? 

From the time the moving truck is loaded, the average moving time is between 3-10 business days, depending on several factors. You can always reach us at 1-800-381-2068. 

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