Non-Running Vehicle Shipping

Transporting Inoperable or Inop Vehicles

RCG Logistics specializes in shipping non-running and damaged cars. Shipping cars that do not run is a significantly more complicated process, it involves different guidelines, training, equipment needs and liabilities. While many facts can make car a  inoperable – since 2005 choosing the best transporter has been simple!

Ship your non-running vehicle anywhere in the country. Project, damaged or a race car – anything that can’t be driven – we make difficult to ship cars go easy.

Very few companies have the expertise and absolutely no one matches our resources  when it comes to shipping inoperable cars at long distances. When it comes to shipping a non-running vehicle it is essentially to have access to the right equipment and knowledgeable staff. We can arrange loading, unloading, storage and transfer of non-running vehicles.

How to ship a car that doesn’t run

No Keys

When shipping cars with no keys wheels must be pointing straight and transmission be put in neutral. A tow truck is hired for an extra fee to load the car at the pick up location and unload on delivery

Mechanical Issues

If the car doesn’t start at any point of the transport it is considered non-running. Generally if a car doesn’t start a winch is used to get the car on and off the trailer.

Collision Damage

Damaged cars that won’t roll, need to be loaded by a roll-back tow truck or a forklift. When picking up a vehicle at a salvage auction a forklift is generally available, an adequate size forklift will also be necessary at the time of unloading.